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bkey79 07-27-2010 1:50 PM

Build my wake!
Ok, I've pleaded for help on a couple threads and even a couple websites... Can't seem to get it dialed in on port side after the second weekend...

The boat:

1996 Super Sport Nautique (Same hull as 1998-2005 Super Air Nautique)

Integrated ballast is:
- 1000lb front sack
- 750lb port side
- 750lb starboard side

Available extra ballast:
- (2) Fly high 450lb-ers
- (2) Launch Pad 440lb-ers
- (1) Launch Pad 350lb ski locker ballast
- (6) 50lb led bricks

Total ballast available is 4930lbs!!!! Not that I'd think about using all of that! :eek:

dennish 07-27-2010 8:43 PM

What are the combinations that you have tried?

bkey79 07-30-2010 7:33 AM

Well I've only got the boat out twice, been in the shop since I bought it... Read the thread "Frustration!!!" and you'll know my history with the boat so far...

The first weekend, the front ballast impeller went out, so I had 750# in port locker and 350# along the port side seat.. Not surfable..


Switched to 750# in starboard locker and 350# on starboard seat. Surfable, but my skills arent riding goofy..


This last weekend, my engine bay lift switch went out, and couldnt get to my throwable pump... So I had 750# port side locker and 1000# in the nose.. Outcome was surfable, but only on a 5'11" board, and not very fun...

rallyart 07-30-2010 11:00 AM

At a guess, fill the integrated front sack and port side. Then put one of the 450's on the port side seat to the rear and see if you can fit the other on the port side seat toward the front, or one the floor toward the observer's seat on the port. A key point is having a skinny driver to surf port side.
That would be more weight than I run with people and sacks in a biggar boat.
Try 11 mph on a GPS speed and go down or up from that.

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