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alans 07-26-2010 1:45 PM

Stand Up Paddleboards
My wife and I are demoing some boards tomorrow night. Are any of you guys into it?

I think it would be fun to get out on nights when we don't have time to get the boat out. And also it seems like one more fun toy to take with us on trips to other lakes and to the beach.

Another couple, a few houses down, just bought a pair and we have been watching them cruise up and down the river.

We would mostly use them on flat water for exercise, but I am sure we will try it out behind the boat too.


ilikebeaverandboats 07-26-2010 1:52 PM

Man i wanna do that so bad, just dont live close enough to any water. Would be all over it if I could. My brother did it last time he was in cali and said it was a blast.
Pretty pricey but look like they are so much fun.

alans 07-26-2010 1:56 PM

Yea, they are pricey, but once I saw one in person, I understood. They are HUGE! Makes my 8'6" long board look like a skim board.

hematoma 07-26-2010 8:00 PM

SUP's are getting really popular. I see a guy at one of are lakes every now and then cruising around.

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