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bmartin 07-26-2010 1:55 PM

Is there such a thing as too much weight?
Had 12 people + center tank half full + 500lb port sac in my 04 Lighting and the wave was big and steep, but wasn't very long. It was surfable just not much push back past 8 or 10 feet which was somewhat unusual. Except the driver, everyone was on the port side or in the center of boat and only had 2 or 3 peeps in bow of boat. The rub rail was just about under water on the port rear so it was sunk pretty good. We sped up, slowed down, drove straighter, turned more to the left but couldn't get it clean very far back. Upon post mortem, I wonder if we should have shed some of the ballast??? Usually more weight is better but couldn't seem to get it dialed in.

you_da_man 07-26-2010 10:26 PM

Should've moved some of the people up front and probably on the opposite side as well to displace more water for added push.

wakeboardin2k4 07-27-2010 2:37 PM

Ya I second AJ.

Putting people in the bow will boost the length, but some times its more about sinking the whole boat, than just one side. Id say 4-5 people in the bow on both sides and as the captain start barking out orders to people to switch sides until the wake gets a little more in line with what you want.

green210 07-27-2010 2:49 PM

deffiently put a lot more wait in the front it will help out a lot.

boarditup 07-27-2010 5:02 PM

You can get too much weight. The water has to displace and then come back. If it is too deep for the length or speed, you will end up with mush. To get a nice shape for big, you need both length and displacement. Hull shape is also a factor. Rounded bottom boats have different weight characteristics than V-bottoms that you can run one side flat to the bottom. Nose high usually means mush.

bigshow 07-27-2010 5:17 PM

I had an '04 Lightning. With enough weight it made an excellent surf wake.


You can yput in too much weight.

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