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07-26-2010 10:30 AM

Boat Wake Question
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What boat made this wake at 22mph?

ryanbush11 07-26-2010 10:31 AM

looks like an I/O to me

rbeckei 07-26-2010 10:36 AM

Desden- are you new to the forum?

cwb4me 07-26-2010 10:37 AM

You should know you took the picture! Lol

easttexasrider 07-26-2010 10:48 AM

That is an i/o wake.

07-26-2010 11:09 AM

Alright smart guys, if it's an I/O, then which one?

mywakeisbiggerr 07-26-2010 11:10 AM

x star

07-26-2010 11:24 AM

gay question. if there were a few wakes and a few choices i'd say fun game, but not like this

crosenhahn 07-26-2010 11:30 AM

Definitely an I/O... I would guess it would be....one of the 1 billion different models of i/o out there!!! Yeah I got it right!!!

jame04 07-26-2010 11:34 AM

the one in front of it!!! what do I win?

gravity 07-26-2010 11:42 AM

2005 bayliner 175

guido 07-26-2010 12:18 PM

If you've seen one I/O wake, you've seen them all. Looks like an '88 Blue Water bow rider wake to me. Ha, ha, ha.

sippi 07-26-2010 1:10 PM

man, my guess was a zoomed in pic of the wake behind my old kawasaki stand up jet ski...oh well, guess i was close.

gravity 07-26-2010 1:14 PM

Darn, i was going to check your profile to see what boat it is but you didnt fill it all out.

elc 07-26-2010 2:54 PM

ummm enzo, no weight, just the blade??? how close am I?

eubanks01 07-26-2010 3:12 PM

X-Star with 3K

lifetimewarranty 07-26-2010 3:14 PM

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You guys are all wrong!!!

Here is the boat we are in...

cavlxenvy 07-26-2010 3:40 PM

:: facepalm :

cwb4me 07-26-2010 4:01 PM

I GUESS I'M JUST STUPID. but you already knew that didn't you?:D

islander033 07-26-2010 5:42 PM

I got this!

Enzo SV 230 no weight with the blade burried.

I seem to have a stalker on the net......that's my pic that I posted on a different site.......

gravity 07-27-2010 9:56 AM

So why does everyone say it looks like a i/o wake ?

repo 07-27-2010 11:48 AM

Prop wash.

idaho_hillbilly 07-27-2010 2:06 PM

It's obvious! That's a 2009 Four Winns H200 running upstream on slack water around the middle of July....in central California. It looks like there is 4 people in the boat, one is a little fat. A couple of them are smaller....possibly kids. There is 2 wakeboards on the boat, one it 144" long with nice binding and the other was bought at wal-mart. There is 8 beer cans in the cooler, and 16 empty cans....most like beer cans. Of course I'm just guessing...there could be 10 beer cans in the cooler!

Alright, mystery solved....lets move on. :)

mywakeisbiggerr 07-27-2010 2:57 PM


jtnz 08-09-2010 6:18 PM

144" wakeboard eh? Are they new for this year?

idaho_hillbilly 08-09-2010 9:02 PM

Well yeah! When you have the wake of this magnitude you need the newest board.....everyone going to a 12 foot wakeboard.....you need to get with the program! :)

Stupid metrics!

islander033 08-10-2010 6:50 AM

Good thing I don't WB much....I got ripped if that wake is from an I/O...lol.


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