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ugafan83 07-26-2010 8:12 AM

Little Video from south georgia
Here is a little video from my friends iphone he did while we were out playing around on sunday
The River here is smooth most of the time so its nice.
Flint River in Albany, Ga
<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/tQQBwF8SyZw&amp;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/tQQBwF8SyZw&amp;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>

hyperlite 07-26-2010 8:47 AM

that old byerly flo-thru is classic

cwb4me 07-26-2010 9:28 AM

:DLOOKS LIKE TWO GOOD OLE BOYS having some good ole fun. happy boarding!:D

fd2blk 07-26-2010 6:08 PM

sweet that water is so smooth any gators?

ugafan83 07-27-2010 5:08 AM

Yeah we have gators but you never see but maybe one or two during the summer but when winter comes around they will be all over the place.
This is on a sunday afternoon so it was busy but thank goodness the water is still smooth...the bad part is it will spoil you.

bizzuck 07-27-2010 8:10 PM

Don't tell everyone about the buttery goodness, Glenn.


bennn 07-27-2010 9:54 PM

sick riding... looks like you're having a blast!!

hyperlite 07-28-2010 4:59 AM


Anubus84 08-03-2010 8:37 PM

Decent video for doing all shooting/editing/uploading from my iPhone 4. Hi Glenn!

sidetracked3 08-04-2010 7:02 AM


Luker 08-04-2010 7:05 AM

I was born in Albany and we come through from Auburn on the way to Tampa/Orlando on cable trips all the time... we should all hook up and shred one afternoon!!!

ugafan83 08-04-2010 10:22 AM

luker just let me know whenever we have a super air 210 we take out all the time

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