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havasu4life 07-25-2010 6:21 PM

photo resizing
The pictures I take with my cannon rebel are to big to post. I know this is probably an easy fix for some, but i can not figure out how to re size them so they can be uploaded.

Can this be done in iPhoto? if so, how? I can only figure out how to crop, rotate, enhance etc...

Or is their another, easy to use program I can use?

Thanks for the help all


skull 07-25-2010 7:01 PM

In iPhoto select the photos you want to resize (command/click). Then select Export and select a smaller size. I use Aperture 3 but I think you can select "web size 1024 X 1024" or something similar.

havasu4life 07-25-2010 11:48 PM

Thank you!

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