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adambarry 07-25-2010 5:57 PM

Best way to start learning ts bs 1's?
Been wanting to start learning these. I have ts 180's and 360's frontside, and I have tried a few but I really don't know how to throw them. I am in the process of taking a hs bs 1 wake2wake from 1 wake and with them we slowed the boat down and did them inside out but that doesn't seem too good for ts spins. Is that the best way to learn them?


07-26-2010 10:47 AM

Wait...this trick happens quick but you have to wait until your at height. Throw the trick on the way down...worry about the rope last. You obviously know the body position to do a BS 180 so be confident in that. The trick is to roll you wrist over as soon as you pop and bring your knees to at least a 90 degree. This will flex your abs and flatten your board. Just keep your head up and look to the shoreline upon landing...this helps to set your edge.

Happy stomping!!!

skiboarder 07-29-2010 3:30 PM

In my opinion the best way to start learning TS BS 180 is learn a switch 360 first. They are much easier and a TS 180 is the second half of a switch 360.

adambarry 07-29-2010 6:29 PM

I might have to try that. I have switch hs w2w down and a half cab now so I might as well. I tried a few ts bs 1's and just got popped off axis. I think I tried pulling off the wake though. i'll give it another go after trying some switch 3's

lfadam 07-29-2010 6:40 PM

TS BS 180s have become my go-to TS spin. Love that trick and spinning TS BS in general. I agree, sw hs fs 3s help a lot with muscle memory and all parts of the toe back 180 except for the take off. Honestly I catch myself doing this trick two different ways, Ill explain both to give you ideas but you can choose whatever seems easier.

1-come in harder than normal and more squatted than normal, then let off your edge/flatten off a little bit in the trough so you can lessen the line tension and get straight up pop. After you let off, really push off straight up off the top of the wake. This letting off your edge also helps you get over your board more in the spin so you land more on your axis and not back foot heavy or anything. The downside of this technique is the lesser line tension and flattening off means the spin/handle pass doesnt happen until later in the air, making it harder to spot your landing. This is the technique I have seen many pros use for on axis ts bs spins. Jeff Mckee on TS BS 3s, and Collin Harrington on his TS BS 5s. They also like to come in with their arms out a little bit so they can cheat a little by pulling their arms in to initiate the spin at the top of the wake.

2-The other way I sometimes do this trick is to take a little shorter of an edge and make it progressive, not letting off my edge. I accelerate through the wake and pop straight up, but since I am on a pretty good edge when I take off, I kind of cheat the spin and use my edge to shoot me into the spin right off the wake. The plus is that the handle pass happens very early and Im done with the spin sooner (easier to spot landing, and easier for me to take to TS BS 3). The downside is that its harder to get over your board since you are shooting right into the spin. I often end up nose high off the wake, then landing with my chest down on the landing.

Id probably recommend the first way, but do whatever you want, maybe youll find the 2nd easier. Good luck, its an awesome trick.

sexyws6mama 09-13-2010 2:21 PM

I love TS BS 180s, but I try to land wrap and it gets me every time. Come into wake, get pop, swing your back arm back (so back to boat) and land. Biggest thing, make sure you get pop BEFORE you rotate!!! If not, a nice back plant will happen!

alanp 09-20-2010 2:12 AM

well im not sure i would go with audreys advice i think she may have this mixed up with some other type of trick.

these are fairly easy once you get a couple of key things down.

1) pop nose high. much higher than you would for a normal ts jump.
2) pull the rope to the center of your back. practice doing this before you even attempt the spin. you must be able to keep your axis and while pulling on the rope and generating a little slack, as with any spin. until you master pulling the rope dont i wouldnt attempt to do the trick.
3) bend your chest over you knees

once you can do these things go for it. once you get the handle it will spin you right around. and as long as you generate a little slack in the rope you'll have no issues getting the handle.

also alot of people pass the rope below their butts.

tristan 11-15-2010 2:41 AM

Do you pull the handle into the small of the back initially with both hands cos I was trying this yesterday and could physically not pull the handle to the small of my back with one hand?

Michael 02-07-2011 11:59 AM

this is how i do them:

1. Pop First
2. dip head away from the boat
3.cuff handle with both hands under butt, sometimes if im not ready i just let the back hand go again and land regular.

4. let go of fron hand and just hang on.

pretty simple once you get it.

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