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kitewake 07-24-2010 8:36 PM

Cable Riding 2 Help W2W Riding....
I am going to take a 20 day trip to Camsur in November…...

My ability: I have been wakeboarding (99% behind the boat...been to OWC 2 days) about 20 months. I can do some grabbed FS 180s, but the HS ones come and go. TS is much better. I do them late & pretty big with the off hand so I can grab. My TS jump is good…..much better than my HS. I can take grabbed TS jumps into the flats. Landed a few HS BS 180s W2W (short rope) recently. Been starting to try TS BS 180s, mainly surface drills to get the handle move down. No 3’s yet. I have played around with HS and TS backrolls (slow/super short rope), but a nagging ankle injury really holds me back on inverts… I can ride blind and cuffed both reg and switch. Ollie BS 1’s are dialed regular…but my SW ollie is non-existent. Normally ride at 20.5-22.5 mph. Once in a while I will go long at 23 mph+. So that is a summary of how I ride….

What is the best approach to cable riding to help your behind the boat riding? Sure…I want to hit some sliders…and ride cable just for the sake of cable…but I would also like to spend some time working on things that will make be a much better all around rider.

Some things that come to mind….it seems like the impacts will be a lot less…and trying some raleys, backrolls, and TS backrolls at the turns will be good. Spins off some small kickers will be sure to help my spins off the wake. I am a regular footed rider, and CWC is counterclockwise….so that means any air tricks at the corners will be TS or SW HS. Can you do air tracks away from the corners? What about a bellair? Is that a good way to learn a tantrum smaller with less impact (With my messed up ankle, I am terrified of the dreaded tantrum ankle) I would like to have all 8 ollie 180s down…though TS BS ollie 180s are pretty funky…and maybe not worth the effort…

Do you ride the same size board behind the cable as behind the boat. I am about 175#, and ride a LF Witness 140. Seems like with the UP pull of the cable…you could ride a smaller board. Should I stay with a 140, or go 136? I will get a LF Witness Grind for the trip….

I know these are a lot of questions….. thanks for any advice you can offer…

drewproses 07-25-2010 7:40 AM

Riding cable will help you to gain all around board control. Air tricks are going to be much more difficult than what you are expecting, and the falls or impacts can be just as brutal as behind the boat. I would say focus on getting the tricks that you have currently off the wake on the kickers, and play around on the rest of the rails. At 175lb I would stick with a 140. Hope that helps. I am super jealous about your trip!

cheesydog 07-25-2010 7:07 PM

stick with the same size board no need to change at all. Andrew is correct, I think you are totally underestimating the difficulty of air tricks for a first timer at your level. Having said that CWC is probably one of the best places to learn air tricks just go to their sys 2.0 and ask one of their local pro rider guys to help u learn it.

As far as training to get better behind boat the best thing you could do it practice all the little fundamentals since you get so much water time. Learning spins and inverts off the kickers is also a great tool to help you get it behind the boat. I would suggest trying to get as many 3's as you can off the kickers, go for TS5 also. Kicker raleys are also ridiculously easy. Shouldnt be too hard to get tantrums or scarecrows either. I reckon that would be enough to keep you busy for your trip!

jdwake1 07-25-2010 8:44 PM

I am 175 and ride cable 5-6 days a week at mccormicks with andrew, that being said I would stick with a 140 witness ( this is also what I use ). Basically what I'm saying is I agree with what andrew says :D


kitewake 07-25-2010 10:36 PM

Thanks guys.

I just threw out a bunch of stuff there...no way I could expect to learn all that in 15 days on the water.... I think concentrating on 180s and 3's off the smaller kickers is the thing to do.... I also want to work a lot on all 4 blind landings off kickers. That is such a valuable skill to have... I do think the raley (and perhaps air backroll) at the corner is a must learn, though. I have nearly landed air backrolls to revert in the flats behind the boat.

hyperlite 07-26-2010 5:08 AM

cable will make you a better rider for sure.

fly135 07-26-2010 8:01 AM

If you are close to a R2R in the flats, then you are definitely ready to throw a backroll on the cable. One word of advice... grip the handle tight (think deathgrip) on your first attempt. It's not like a boat, it will pull a lot harder than you expect. The rest is almost automatic.

cableratt 07-26-2010 5:39 PM

Just my 2 cents.. If you're really going to work on air tricks while you're there, you might consider the 136 witness. I personally find that riding a slighty smaller board on the cable allows me to sink my edge in deeper, making air tricks a bit easier. I'm 6' 1", 185-ish, and ride up to 142 behind the boat. On the cable, however, I've really liked the Witness 136 or even a Watson 134 for air tricks. And you're right, with the smooth water and high pull you'll get in Camsur, a smaller board rides just fine. (the lighter weight doesn't hurt either)

Have a great trip.. you'll love that place!

fly135 07-27-2010 7:16 AM

I weight 165 lbs, ride a 134 Motive on the cable and a 140 Motive behind the boat.

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