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RPM_DLX 07-23-2010 6:45 PM

Ladder under Teak Swim Platform?
I just made a switch from an I/O runabout to my first inboard. Its a 98 Sanger DLX 20 and it has the teak swimplatform on it. While my wife and I have no problem getting back on it from the water, we are pretty certain people like my parent will have an issue with it. So I started looking for a ladder to under it like what we had on our I/O. I stopped in to my local boat shop today and they had one in a box and the saleman said it would work fine under a teak platform. However, they wanted 280 dollars for it. So now I am online looking for something cheaper. Has anyone here mounted a ladder to their teak platform? I sit really strong enough for a ladder? I would prefer something under the platform. I am not real concerned if it affects the wake as we arent real serious wakeboarders. Any pictures would be great.

repo 07-24-2010 12:48 AM

I would mount a fold down one to the topside of the swim deck. You don't want the ladder to drag under the platform through the water. Just my thoughts on it.

twdugas 07-24-2010 2:16 AM

I take it you are looking for something like this?


kenv 07-24-2010 5:54 AM

Try www.aquaperformance.com. I just installed one on a solid Fiberglass platform, but they have models that will work with Teak, with and with slots. Customer service was pretty good to answer questions.

RPM_DLX 07-24-2010 7:33 AM


Originally Posted by kenv (Post 1612908)
Try www.aquaperformance.com. I just installed one on a solid Fiberglass platform, but they have models that will work with Teak, with and with slots. Customer service was pretty good to answer questions.

Thanks, that the type of product I am thinking of. I just emailed the company to see what types of solutions they have for my boat. Its a bit pricier than what i had in mind but that looks like a much higher quality solution/product than what I was offered at my local dealer.

882001 07-24-2010 7:36 AM

i would think anyone strong and healthy enough to swim would be able to get on a platform

RPM_DLX 07-24-2010 7:39 AM


Originally Posted by twdugas (Post 1612900)
I take it you are looking for something like this?


Yes, but not quite so expensive, although that is one really nice ladder. I was looking at some cheaper more generic ones like this:


I just am not sure these generic ladders would be a good fit.

westsiderippa 07-24-2010 10:40 PM

agreed not to mount it under as it will drag and most likely rip off but if you mount it on top your going to crush it when getting your wake board on and f-up the bottom of your board. just my 2 cents. tough call good luck with it.

kenv 07-26-2010 10:39 AM


Yes, most people have no problem...MOST...but my 5 year old and 10 year girls aren't quite strong enough and definetely older folks would have a problem on my boat.... BUT...the main reason I put my ladder on is that my new 226's platform is 3 inches higher over the water then my old boat. Therefore, it is more difficult to hoist yourself up that extra distance. Also, Bryan, the way the aquaperformace step mounts, it rides dry when the boat is moving. Look at the back of the platform next time you are skiing behind the boat. You will see how high above the water it is.

jarrod 07-26-2010 10:56 AM

Doesn't Malibu mount a ladder under the swim step?

RPM_DLX 07-26-2010 12:44 PM

Well, I spoke with aquaperformance today. I will be measuring my swim platform to get their recomended solution. They seem like a great company. I appreciate the recomendation Ken. I like the clean, simple and elegant solution. Its just enought to make it easier.

dfred 07-26-2010 1:52 PM

my dad and uncles have put these on their teak swim decks. just counter sunk the bolts from the top side and used an old life jacket strap screwed to the under side of the deck and last rung of the ladder to keep it from extending while under way. Fairly inexpensive and works great. Going to try to figure out how to put one on my figerglass deck for my daughter.


otown_dave 07-26-2010 6:57 PM

$104 on E-bag http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/BELOW...item5888e6ef7a

kenv 07-26-2010 9:11 PM

Cool RM.

Yes, there are several that will work with both teak and fiberglass, but like you, I wanted a simple clean look...not a four step metal ladder. I went with the single step spring loaded in white...to match the platform. I snap a pic tomorrow and post it.

RPM_DLX 07-26-2010 9:20 PM

Thanks Ken, a picture would be nice. I just have to wait until the weekend when I pull the boat out of storage to take the dimensions and send it over to them.

kenv 07-27-2010 11:08 PM

How do I post a picture when it asks me for the URL?? The pic is on my PC. Any hints?

RPM_DLX 07-30-2010 7:28 PM


Originally Posted by kenv (Post 1614551)
How do I post a picture when it asks me for the URL?? The pic is on my PC. Any hints?

If you are going to upload a picture from your PC, you need to make sure you have switched the reply screen to, "advanced". Then scroll down until you see the, "manage attachments" button. You can click on that ad add it. Personally, when I want to display a photo on a forum, I add it to my photobucket account and copy/paste the image link into the reply. Either way works.

kenv 08-01-2010 10:08 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a pic, if the download worked

kenv 08-01-2010 10:10 PM

1 Attachment(s)
2nd pic

RPM_DLX 08-02-2010 10:16 PM

Thanks for the pictures. I will be working with them soon for one. That looks like a good depth of step once extended.

alans 08-03-2010 6:49 AM

I would get something like this. The mount is tiny, not noticeable, and when you don't have your parents with you, just leave it in the garage. I had a 60+ year old customer that was determined to add one for his wife, but after using the boat a little bit, they realized that she really didn't need a ladder (since you don't). They were very glad that they didn't add a big ugly contraption to their platform at the end of the day. And yes, she was a very large lady in her 60's.


kenv 08-03-2010 6:52 AM


It extends 21 inches down. Looks like more in the picture, but only 21.

kenv 08-03-2010 9:13 AM


That dive ladder does look like a great option. I went with the spring load so I always have it ready...and don't forget to pull it up...lol I will probably remove it once the kids get bigger.

kbob 08-03-2010 9:42 AM

Just add more ballast so your swim platform is below the waterline and have them swim up on it like a beached whale :D

jcfox00 08-05-2010 2:33 PM

Haha Jarrod, I guess I'm the only one that got that joke :)

biz 08-06-2010 6:13 AM

My thoughts are If the people would be having a hard time getting up on a platform a ladder would help however... the key is they are already having an issue with getting on the platform hence they are not strong or limber enough where a ladder WITHOUT any type of hand assist would also be a problem. Make sure there is someplace to grab on to as well.

I have also seen a few boats with a ladder under the platform with no issues. i could see an issue if you were loaded down with 2-3k worth of ballast but then again if you have thismuch ballast the platform would most likely be underwater or close ot it when stopped

kenv 08-06-2010 6:42 AM


Mine was a simple choice. It's cool how easy it is now for my nine year old to get up without me having to give her a shove...or pull her hands with me standing on the platform.....her friends also. It's just that extra little addition that helps where needed. It can also come off in the future. :) Like I mentioned before, my platofrm is about 2 1/2 to 3 inches higher off the water than my old one.

krbaugh 07-25-2012 12:48 PM

Ken very nice install I realize this is an old thread but I am interested in how this mounted
did you have to drill holes through the platform

kenv 07-26-2012 9:52 AM


Yes, I had to drill through the platform but it was ALOT easier then I thought it would be. The hardest part was holding the ladder steady to mark where to drill. Get someone to help you hold/mark under the platform. Then I used a countsink bit to counter sink the fiberglass on the top of the platform..... and even part of the rubber on the plaform where the holes came thourgh. I think it was two or three of the holes that actually popped thorugh in the rubber/decking. The rubber counter sank just like the fiberglass and all of the screws are pretty flush. Worked perfect.

krbaugh 07-26-2012 1:33 PM


I dont guess you have any picture oof the top of the platform

I was thinking about mounting it like the malibu ladder on the side so I could mount i to the bracket and avoid
having to drill holes in the plaform

kenv 07-26-2012 1:40 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's one of the top view:

kenv 07-26-2012 1:42 PM

And yes.....it did come out a little off center...BUT....I was not going to re-drill six more...so I can live with it....lol

krbaugh 07-26-2012 1:58 PM

Thats not bad

So has it worked out well??

My Enzo 211 has a higher platform and a few older family members have trouble getting on the platform

kenv 07-26-2012 7:40 PM

Yes, it has worked very well, for the kids and adults as well. I am very glad I put it on. Let me know if you need any more pics...I can take some this weekend.


krbaugh 07-26-2012 7:45 PM

Thanks. But those pics are great

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