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jame04 07-21-2010 4:38 PM

Spider cracks??
My dealer says that these would be considered "Gell Damage" which only has a one year warranty. They claim that they are no longer allowed to use some compound so every boat manufacter is going with only a one year warranty. I can't believe MC wouldn't cover this on a 2008 boat. Has anyone else heard of this?

99_slaunch 07-21-2010 5:05 PM

That is the standard. One year warranty on cosmetic gel coat cracking.

07-21-2010 5:12 PM

Did you read the Bob Lacovara articles that can be found online? He is the preeminent source on gel coat and hull cracking.

Lacovara Links



mc_x15 07-22-2010 1:17 PM

Damn Edgar, all these problems your starting to scare me. Where did u find the spider cracks in the gel? I had a bunch of probs with my boat before it had 20 hrs on it. I have been relatively problem free but am keeping an eye on eveything. One thing i do have is some spider cracks in the bow on the floor in the walkway. I dont have a local MC since the dealer i bought from went out of biz and dont have trailer so its very difficult for me to get the boat places that are connected to my body of water.

jame04 07-22-2010 1:48 PM

These are around the starboard size gas cap and around the cup holders in the bow (which we never use due to the filler cushion). I had some around the cup holders on the drivers side but those were fixed.

I hope MC covers them, the ones around the gas cap are bad!

baitkiller 07-22-2010 2:03 PM


Originally Posted by SamIngram (Post 1611777)
Did you read the Bob Lacovara articles that can be found online? He is the preeminent source on gel coat and hull cracking.

Lacovara Links



Funny you post that. I have worked with Richard at ICBW for ten years. All my personal work and referral work used to go to them strictly, no question. By far the best I have ever seen. And I see more than most. Unfortunately I talked with Richard last week and Island Coast Boat Works is closing for good. No work, no money. It sucks big time because now we are left with the acetone sniffing back of the truck guys working to pay their bar tab.

In off shore boats stress cracks and gel crazing is to a certain extent, part of life. Boats are plastic and they flex. They really flex in 3-4' head seas at 40 kts. Ski boats however encounter much different stresses. In many cases extended trailering can cause crack issues, tons of ballast and of course underlying build deficiencies can be to blame. Boats are built by humans, and although designed alike are many times very different the deeper you look.

As for advise I would beware the repair. Gel coat ages badly and a new repair that looks perfect today may stand out like me at a JayZ concert in six months.

Good luck.

>>> John

Sorry to distract, just thought Sam would like to know.

07-22-2010 2:14 PM

Bob will always have litigation work... as an expert witness in boat warranty cases he is the best!

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