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mtownrydr 07-21-2010 2:36 PM

Please somebody answer this for me Many ?'s/Rant
How come in like 2007 you could get a BRAND NEW Moomba Mobius LSV for like 36k out the door at a boat dealership. This is a great price for a great boat that had everything I needed in a wakeboat. Now granted they are slightly nicer and the new towers look awesome but the price point moomba is now over 50k with tax. 7 years before that you could get a Mobius for like 20k. So why would somebody still be trying to sell a 2000 model mobius V for around 20k. Why would anybody think that was a good deal. Obviously someone who knows nothing about wakeboats and thinks they can't get one for under 70k and thinks its a steal. The used boat market/ new boat market in general is so weird. I guess because people actually pay the prices these people ask for these boats. Now the Axis a20 looks like the best option for me as a young boat buyer as far as price options and wake. Although I am dissappointed on these too because the a22 is supposed to be price point but they are around 50k too if you get down to it. So the A20 will prob still be more than a mobius lsv from 2 years back. I know for a fact if you think logically that if boat manufacturer can produce a loaded wakeboat with a trailer 3 years back trailer and all for 36k dont you feel they could produce a wakeboard boat (Geared towards riders only no fancy 20's on trailer, touch screen lcd's, Crazy lighting features in the boat etc) anywhere from 18-20ft for around 30k? Only new option for this is standard boats and in my opinion isn't much of an option. I know somebody will call me out on this statement so the reason I feel this way about standard wakeboats not being a good option is for resale and being a new company they could go under at any point then are stuck with a terrible investment on top it is a closed bow d drive for 30k plus???wtf. I think boat manufacturers are too concerned with looking high end and no one is exploiting the actual rider age category? Everyone I know that rides nice boats are their parents...wonder why nobody can afford a 50-70k boat at 23. All you are left with is a used boat market where everybody thinks their used boats are gold. Sorry somebody try to answer my questions or chime in if you feel where I am coming from.

unclejessie 07-21-2010 2:57 PM

Evan, I agree with almost everything you say. I will add this... starting in or near 2000 wake boats started being what everyuone wanted and boat manufactures just kept raising and raising the price. They would add $500 of new features and raise the price $1500... all while cutting maufcating costs and making a mint. They did it because the market could support it. Now, there is no going back, the price is not going back down on new boats. the time to buy WAS the last 18 months. Now that all the new, but prev year boats are gone, we are all stuck paying top dollar. NEW boat ownership is now researved for top dollar earners. Boat manufactures have decided to make their money from the few people that can actually buy boats. They have laid off and cut back wherever possible to meet the 30% of sales from a few years ago AND still make their money. Bottom line is the new boat purchaser is getting screwed for what is actually buying vs. what he bought 5 or 10 years ago.


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