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Falcon_Jess 07-21-2010 2:21 PM

Trailer Surge Brake Problem
My boat trailer is set up with surge brakes, but it has not worked since I purchased the boat. I have called a few places and they all have said it is the master cylinder. I have got quotes that range from $100-$2000! Does anyone have any links where I can do this myself? I am located in Southern California.. Thanks!

PictureMeRollin 07-21-2010 2:43 PM

what kind of trailer do you have, and what type of surge actuator do you have? (atwood?)

Falcon_Jess 07-21-2010 2:46 PM

How would I find that out? The trailer says KTM on it, its the original trailer that came with the 1990 ski centurion.. it has the detachable tongue for storage and dual axels... I havent taken the tongue apart yet. Would it say on the actuator the brand?

Falcon_Jess 07-21-2010 2:50 PM

I just did some research and my trailer does have an atwood...

PictureMeRollin 07-21-2010 3:45 PM

you could start here... http://tinyurl.com/33uynvn

john211 07-21-2010 3:46 PM

I'll post something relevant for you tomorrow. You can search. I too had this problem in May.

PictureMeRollin 07-21-2010 4:39 PM

this is a great website for trailer hydraulic parts http://www.dhmtrailers.com

Falcon_Jess 07-22-2010 9:29 AM

So I took a look at the trailer last night and it is a DHM Trailer, that last link was very helpful part-wise, but I'm still not certain of which part I actually need. I know it doesn't hold brake fluid, it leaks out. But when it does have the brake fluid (before it leaks out), the surge brakes work properly. Is this just the master cylinder then that needs to be replaced? And does anyone know of a legit shop in SoCal that does this work? Thanks for all your help!

cla10beck 07-22-2010 10:21 AM

Where does the fluid leak from, if it is the master cylinder, here is a good diagram at the bottom. if not, maybe a leak in the line, or a bad wheel cylinder.


the master cylinder kit shows it includes parts 6,7 adn 14.

You should be able to fix it pretty easily

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