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stoked_32 07-21-2010 11:54 AM

Find a Third Forum in SoCAL
After getting a quick set this morning with our new buddy chris, I realized how greatful I am of the Find a Third Forum on wakeworld and wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that I've met and rode with on their boats. I moved to socal after graduating college and got my first pull off wakeworld three years ago. I was barely able to do a wake jump, but obssessed with the sport and have learned tons of tricks riding with random wakeworlders. Thanks again guys. Some of you have become some of my good friends. Maybe I'll write an article or documentary someday lol.

Below are all the people I've met through the forum specifically, doesn't include all the cool people I've met while on the water.

(Sorry if I don't know some of your last names or if I missed anyone. You're in my phone all with the last name "wake")

Boat Owners:
Chad Grenier (Nautique Sport & SAN 210) Elsinore, Castaic, Havasu
Chuck Hester (VLX & VTX) Bako-dise, BV
Chris Phelps (Air Nautique 210) Castaic, Piru, Pyramid, BV, LB Marine Stadium
Sean Lee (MC Xstar) Castaic cove
Chad Ryker (VLX) LB Marine Stadium
Justin Anderson (Xstar) LB Marine Stadium
Rick (Centurion Avalanche) Castaic
Mike Verdick (Sanger v210) Castaic
Chris (Sanger v210) Castaic
Tony (VLX) Castaic
Jon (SAN 210) Elsinore
Justin Anderson (Xstar) LB Marine Stadium
Rob C. (VLX) Castaic
Steve Gaulden (SAN 210) Elsinore
Mike (Centurion Avalanche) Castaic
Seth (SAN 210) Castaic
Allan (Malibu...) Castaic
Wes (Xstar) Castaic, LB Marine Stadium

Brandon Poser, Richard Daniels, Dean Parsons, Derry, Josh, Joe Umali, Eric Christensen, Jess, Gideon, Nicole, Trigo, Raley Brandon, Darrin

Finally, if anyone is itching to ride in socal, I'll try and hook you up the best I can. Obviously I don't own a boat, but the one thing I've learned from all this boat whore-ing, is that boats are always looking for riders last minute that can be reliable in the long run.

purgatory71 08-03-2010 9:31 AM

ride now
Hey -

This is Steve G - I am looking to ride today but don't have a 2nd or 3rd. R U interested.



ryker1 08-05-2010 5:59 PM

Hey John,

Wakeworld find a 3rd has been pretty awesome for me as a boat owner. Especially during winter time since almost none of my "normal" friends are passionate about wakeboarding.

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