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johndoe30o 07-20-2010 8:52 PM

how much to upgrade perfect pass?
how much does it cost to upgrade perfect pass wakeboard pro to stargazer?

imscarlet 07-20-2010 8:59 PM

If you look here http://www.perfectpass.com/perfect_pass_ordering.html you will find that its $489 and you may need to upgrade your display if it is not already a multi-line version for another $199.

dhcomp1 07-20-2010 9:13 PM

I'm an AWSA Regular driver, and have spent a lot of time with all the systems. Dont' really have anythign bad to say about stargazer, but for a recreational skiier/wakeboarder/surfer, i see no need to upgrade. I have stargazer, and drive lots of old wakeboard pro systems with no issues/complaints.

johndoe30o 07-21-2010 8:43 PM

the only reason I am thinking of upgrading is because the wiring to my paddle wheel is broken, and thats a $180 piece of wire. but the RPM mode works well and i will probably just stick with it.

younguns44 07-21-2010 9:19 PM

get somebody with wiring knowledge have them splice some wire that shouldnt be to expensive

dhcomp1 07-21-2010 9:25 PM

FIx the wiring. no way its a $180 piece of wire if you take it somewhere to fix, instead of buying the specific part from PP.

younguns44 07-21-2010 9:38 PM

is it just a torn wire?

wake_upppp 07-21-2010 10:04 PM

^^^ I believe it's a multi wire cable he's reffering to, and it may even be shielded. I'd have to look at mine.

wake26 07-22-2010 6:48 AM


I was having a lot of issues with my perfect pass pro on my boat mainly the paddle wheel I talk to PP and they gave me a little bit of a break on the price to upgrade to the stargazer it was money well spent. it has been a night and day difference since I switch to the stargazer system

lakesurfer 07-22-2010 8:14 AM

The upgrade is about $470 and takes 10 min to install. I upgrade my Wakeboard Pro this summer and love the Stargazer. The main reason I like it is because I dont have all the paddle wheel issues.

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