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2006maliblue 07-20-2010 12:25 AM

Cheap Digital Camera, But must be able too....
Looking for a cheap digital camera that does time lapse photos to document our cross country trip next month, I'm sure I've plugged it enough by now everybody's checked out our website www.26states30lakes.com but just found out my old cheap digital camera doesn't have a time lapse feature. After looking online I'm leaning towards the pentax w80 whats your thoughts? Well this work? I like the fact its water proof and does video too so maybe I can get some shots of my boat zooming by overhead when I visit some clear lakes on the trip! Any help or suggestions would be appreciatted.

As a side note I also have a jvc hdd camcorder I'm going to be using to record video with, I think I remember seeing a steady cam mount somebody made for a camcorder on here before anybody know the link or have some pics. Want to get the best possible video quality of everybody riding behind the boat. Thanks again!


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