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ldr 07-19-2010 1:21 PM

Zapco Amp Symbilink?
My parents have an 06 X Star with Zapco Amps Powering the system The problem is that when the system was installed they set up the system with the subs on a Zapco DC1100.1 and the tower speakers and interior speakers on a Zapco DC1000.4.

Right now there is one symbilink cable going from the head unit to the DC1100.1 and another from the head unit to the DC1000.4 into the 1,2ch input. and the 3,4ch input is not being used. From what i can tell the interior speakers are running off channels 1&2 and the tower speakers are running off of cahnnels 3 and 4.

What we want to be able to do is fade beween the tower speakers and the interior speakers.
The problem that i'm having is when I hook up the 2nd symbilink to the 3,4ch input on the DC1000.4 I am still not able to fade the tower speakers. I tried fading through the head unit and with a clarion EQS 746. What happens is when you fade one way nothing happens and when you fade the other way the entire system turns down. So it's like all the speakers are on the Front channel or all the speakers are on the rear channel. What i want is the tower speakers on one channel and the in boat speakers on the other.

What do i need to do to get the amp to recognize the second Symbilink cable on the 3rd and 4th channel? These amps are a little beyond my undersatanding and any help would be greatly appreciated.

sp0tts 07-19-2010 1:55 PM

Matt, if I understand correctly you're plugging the 2nd symbilink into the amp, but you're still only getting signal from one of the symbilinks?

I don't have the DC Reference Amps, but I do have a regular Reference 1000.4. If the fader from the EQ isn't working, assuming the amps to the speakers and symbilinks are wired right, chances are there's a source setting on or in the amp that you haven't changed. I can tell you on the regular Reference 1000.4, if I went from a one symbilink input to a two symbilink input, like it sounds you are trying, there is a button I would have to push for the amp to draw from two seperate symbilink inputs verses the one you were using. Now I'm not sure on the DC series if this would be a button on the outside of the amp or something that may need to be done via a computer (I know the DC series can be digitally tuned and adjustments can be made from a PC), but you should be able to find that out from the manual for the amp. Or if you don't see any buttons on the outside of the amp, that look like they have something to do with a source, chances are it may need to be done digitally.

Another thing to check and make sure is the jumpers on the respective symbilinks. I'd start with them at 0dB, not sure what they were installed with, if you look at the symbilink itself you should be able to figure the jumper part out.

ldr 07-19-2010 3:02 PM


Yes you are understanding me corrrectly. I looked and looked all over the amp to see if there was a switch, and i couldn't find one anywhere.
I emailed zapco and the sent me a pdf of the owners manual but it didn't specifically reference what needed to be done to run the second symbilink.
I'm thinking Like you are that if there isn't an button on the amp it must be done via computer.

The cool thing about the system is my parents got a really good deal on it since the boat was a promo boat that they would take to pull tournaments.
The bad part was the shop that installed it didn't really set it up to be functional for the rider. They have 6 Arc audio 6.5 components on the tower that you can't turn up because if you do the in boat speakers would be way too loud.

The in boat speakers do sound nice though, my dad said when he picked it up there was a guy with a laptop adjusting all the setting to make everything just right.

sp0tts 07-19-2010 7:40 PM

Matt, that sounds like an interesting setup, sure the sound quality is pretty darn good if it's tuned right.
Have you tried calling Zapco directly at all?
If there isn't any kind of input button on the outside of the amp, chances are it's digitally controlled. I'd imagine someone at Zapco would be willing to help you or at least point you in the direction of a dealer that would do the switch for you on their PC. I inquired about the DC References when I bought mine, but wasn't sure I'd be capable of the tuning so elected for the regular references. I do know my amp dealer was going to hook me up with the software to tune the system though if I bought the DC series. I wouldn't doubt someone can get it for you although not sure if it's something you'd wanna mess with. Good luck.

kitewake 07-19-2010 7:54 PM

Get one of these...


It works perfect. Here is my system: I have a Zapco System with (4) amps. A short RCA pair feeds the SP4-SL from my Pioneer Head Unit. From there, the SP4-SL splits the signal into 3 Symbilink cables. (2) Full Range, and (1) for the Sub. The Sub cable goes to a 500.1. One of the full range cables goes to a 360.4 for the cabin. The other cable...I split into (2) with a Symbilink Y (you can do that with line driver set ups), and each goes to a 350.2...which I use for 2 pairs of Pro-60s on the tower.

I used the amp gains to tune balance left to right. They essentially end up the same. For cabin vs tower, I use the fader on the SP4. Better still...I have a separate control for the bass/sub. Simple...and it works perfect.

ldr 07-19-2010 9:47 PM

Brant i already have a crossover, that is not my problem. My problem is that the DC1000.4 is not recognizing the 2nd symbilink to control the 3rd and 4th channel. Is there a button somewhere on the amp that i'm just missing or do you have to access that feature via computer through mini usb?

tdc_worm 07-20-2010 2:28 PM

have you checked the programming via the DPN software? could be that the amp is programmed to only take the signal from channels 1 and 2 to run all four channels of the amp....

ldr 07-20-2010 2:56 PM


I haven't checked and now i'm back home and i'm a couple hours away. I'm almost positive it is controlled through the DPN softwar, i'm just not savy enough to be able to check it myself. I'm either going to call Zapco or the shop that originally set it up.

tdc_worm 07-20-2010 3:16 PM

you need the DPN software and a laptop. call your local Zapco dealer...they will get you squared away.

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