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thiney 07-19-2010 10:38 AM

Binding Abuse
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So in the last couple of years I have yet to find a pair of bindings that last more than a couple of months before something breaks on them. Does anybody else have problems keeping bindings from crapping out on them? I think that I take good care of them always store them so that they can dry out, the only way I am hard on them is I wear them pretty tight and take at least one bad fall per set (probable trying something new out of my skill level but thatís why I wakeboard I like to push myself beyond my limits so thatís not gonna change). Here are a few shots of how my latest bindings S.S. Drivers (09 model bought them on close out in may 2010) went to crap the base plate ripped out of the thin piece of plastic that was holding it together. The last picture is how I fixed it we will see how long that fix holds up my guess is not longÖ. So do you guys have the same problems? If not what bindings do you recommend that hold up?

stevo8290 07-19-2010 11:03 AM

hey man i did that exact same thing to my pb floyds. Send them a warrenty claim, maybe call, ask for wade. They will send you knew baseplates im sure. see, they want to know whats breaking on their product, then they can find out what needs to be done to make them better. as far as what bindings hold up, man im not sure, if you find out , tell us, im sure we would all like to know

thiney 07-20-2010 7:47 AM

You dont have to send the binding in for them to fix it? That is why I didn't do the warrenty claim, I didnt want to be out a pair of bindings for six months. As far as them knowing what is breaking on their product they should have known that those backing nuts would pull out of that thin piece of plastic, that is just a horrible design if you ask me.

behindtheboat 07-20-2010 8:16 AM

which is why they would probably warranty it with newer models, improved design. That was the 1st generation, they should take care of you. And yes, all bindings fall apart, just nowadays you can't put them back together like you used to be able to

thiney 07-20-2010 8:45 AM

I understand that they all fall apart I'm just upset that the last five pairs of bindings I have had have fallen appart in less than a couple of months then I send them into warrantee get them back and they fall appart again. Is no one making a binding that will last at least a whole season? I dont think that is too much to ask of a $300 plus pair of bindings.

behindtheboat 07-20-2010 8:52 AM

I get 2-3 years out of my bindings. I ride 3-5 times per week, Apr-Oct. I'm not accusing of anything, but to some extent they need to be taken care of. Decrease exposure to the sun, allow to dry out, stored in climate controlled area, etc. Most of the time they break is on a crash, and you can't prevent those.

thiney 07-20-2010 8:52 AM

O I also forgot to mention that some of the eyelets have ripped out of these and that the leather is ripping away from the rubber bottom in some spots. I'm not trying to be bitchy here I understand there will be wear and tear and they are not going to be new for the whole season (one of the eyelets ripped out second time I rode them) I just want them to be rideable for a whole season. End Rant

thiney 07-20-2010 8:58 AM

I think I take care of them I store them upside down in my garage so its not in a climate controlled storage but come on they should still last more than three months ( or in this case two). Like you said most of the time when the big breaks happen its on crashes. I ride year round three or four times a week in summer months and once or twice a week (weather dependent) during the winter.

thedude 07-21-2010 1:14 PM

I've found binding blow-outs to be a directly related to the size of the rider. If you are 200 lbs+ (like me) stuff is just going to break. I've broken about 6 pairs of bindings and 5 boards in about 3 years of serious wakeboarding. I've progressed, but I'd still say i'm just an intermediate with a few inverts and spins. Stuff just isn't designed for us big boys. That is my theory.

On the other hand, most materials just can't handle the forces in this sport and still be lightweight, so if you are a smaller guy and still break stuff, this is my alternate theory.

liquidmx 07-21-2010 1:22 PM

Tyler, I have yet to find a binding that can take a full season of riding as well. It sucks playing the warranty game.

thiney 07-21-2010 1:38 PM

Yeah guess its just the price we have to pay. I'm a pretty small guy around 160 lbs.... I guess on a positive note I have yet to break a board (as I knock on wood lol) and slingshot's warrantee service seems to be good they are sending me new footbeds so I wont have to pay to ship the bindings back and forth as I have had to in the past.

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