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07-18-2010 11:42 PM

Looking for a pull in Sac
I'm looking for a pull in the Sacramento area on Friday...Folsom, Sac River, upper Delta. I'm always good for gas, clean-up, launch, pick-up, driving...whatever's needed. I'm hopin someone will help a girl out while my boat's getting work done. :D

NRiderW 07-19-2010 10:36 PM

Hey Kathleen what kind of boat do you have? I just moved to the Sac area and would love to get a ride sometime when your boat is fixed if you're down. I can definitely help out with anything you need. Anyway, I am free on the weekends and every other Friday as well as evenings at Folsom. Let me know, I have been dying to ride now for over a month!

blastmaster 07-19-2010 10:41 PM

I intend to get ouit sometime this week but am unsure when. One son is in Ak with my mom on a cruise. The other son's 19 yr old best friend was killed street racing on his MC last night and I havent slept. Surfing here to stress down some. I will send out a PM or text later this week. Will be riding out of Garcai Bend though.

07-20-2010 8:46 AM

Rick, I'm so sorry about the tragic loss of such a young life. this must be so hard for your son, your family and the young man's family. It can be hard to make plans under stressful times. If you happen to be out on Friday and you need a third or just wouldn't mind having another WWer on board, I'd love to join. Garcia Bend is great for me as I live real close. just send me a PM.

Sean, I have a Malibu 247 and will PM you when I get my boat fixed and am heading out. Welcome to Sac.

NRiderW 07-20-2010 10:44 PM

Kathleen, thanks! I can't tell you how stoked I am to hear that, best boat out there hands down and my board has been collecting dust in my closet so I can't wait to get out there.

07-21-2010 7:46 PM

Found myself a ride for Friday, thanks WWers!

NRiderW 07-21-2010 10:04 PM

Nice! Me too!

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