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h2ohangtime 07-18-2010 4:52 PM

Proper way to backflush cooling system?
Anyone know how to properly backflush your cooling system? I have a sinking suspicion that I have some debris stuck in a passage somewhere. Other than pulling the manifolds, is there any way to find this stuff other than backflushing?

pcolajosh 07-19-2010 8:47 AM

Not really backflushing (is that even possible?), but you can easily disconnect the hoses and ensure they're free of debris. The most common spot for crap to hang out is in the hose connecting the raw water pump assembly to the transmission cooler/heat exchanger.

Now that I think about it, there may be a system to backflush with pulses of water that was designed for saltwater applications...

rallyart 07-19-2010 6:35 PM

Flush water in through the thermostat, which you have removed, and let it come out through the opening for the circulation pump, where you have taken off the line from the lake water intake.
If you have a heat exchanger flush it separately.
Do not flush water through the lake water pump.
Turn the circulation pump by hand before you finish flushing as you may get sand left from the casting process in the circulation pump.
Flush for about ten minutes with high water flow.

Remember to have the plug out before you start filling the bilge with 10 minutes of water coming out the circulation pump.

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