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denverlove 07-18-2010 1:07 PM

I just competed in my first wakeboard comp!
This is my first year really working w2w, switch and whatnot. I debated really hard about entering. My friends and family convinced me to give it a shot, so I entered Women's Novice... and here was the result....



wakekat15 07-18-2010 3:49 PM

CONGRATS! Way to go!

cwb4me 07-18-2010 7:50 PM

WAY TO GO NICOLE! i will be entering my first competition july 31st. i only wish i could have started as young as you did. but it's never too late . i'll let you know if i do as well. i can only hope to now. we will know soon enough.

denverlove 07-18-2010 9:50 PM

Thank you both!!

Good luck in your comp, Robert! I'm sure you'll do great... Just remember to have fun!

There were such awesome people at this comp and everyone was super supportive. We're all there for the same reason... the love of wakeboarding! :)

Melissa 07-19-2010 5:45 AM

Woot!!! That's awesome!! I'm a little nervous to enter a comp, but sometimes you just gotta go out and do it. :D

sexyws6mama 07-20-2010 6:16 AM

Congrats Nicole!

I would like to enter a competition as well. I'm hoping next year I feel more confident in my riding to do so.

Good Luck Robert!

cwb4me 08-01-2010 8:01 PM

:Dwell it's time to step up to the plate and tell you how i did . but first let me tell you about the contest and all the happy faces i saw. it's kind of like an amusement park lots of happy kids.first off alot of the kids in the contest know me as some crazy old man that doesn't realize he's old.LOLthey kept coming up to me asking are you gonna do a raley, are you gonna do a backroll. i just said lets wait and see. since i'm not familar with contests i didn't know how the judges scored it but i found out i would be going later in the day. contest started at 8:00 am i was there at 7:15 and was signed up by 7:30.i had heard about this young boy named hunter who was very good for a nine year old. i went over to the starting dock when the groms were getting ready . this young boy was talking a mile a minute ,pumped up on energy drinks i guess, any way i asked him if he was the world famous hunter. without missing a beat or even acting suprised he said yeah thats me. i said i heard you won a contest at lake caroline. he said yeah i rode good that day.i watched him ride and he was good and he won again. it was great to see his enthusiasm for the sport.another young man of 14 to 15 years of age was there in the beginners class. he was a amputee. his whole left leg had been amputated at the pelvis. he had a wakeboard that had a t shaped pole with padding and black tape to hold the padding on for his left side and a binding for his right foot. i asked him how long he had been wakeboarding . he said about a year before his amputation. the after that healed he had to relearn every thing new. he rode and could cross the wake both ways and jump 3/4 of the way across the wake on a 65' rope behind a mastercraft x2. that was an inspiration in itself . i congradulated him on his excellent effort and huge courage.i didn't get to go until the end of the day i was the last in my group . i was talking to people on the dock trying to get an idea of what to do. they all said just have fun. i thought back to hunter and the boy with only one leg . everything was in perspective now , win or lose just have fun so thats what i did.the message i'm trying to get across is all you can do in a contest is the best you can do . so don't worry what someone else can do just make sure you have fun.GOOD LUCK TO ALL CONTESTANTS!;)

wakekat15 08-02-2010 6:02 AM

Sounds like an awesome day, Robert and thanks for sharing!!! It definitely keeps things in perspective to go out and have fun and just do what you can do - don't worry about anything else - just ride!!

denverlove 08-04-2010 5:33 PM

Awesome Robert! I'm glad you had fun! My favorite part of the comp day was hanging out with everyone, all geeking out on our friends throwing raleys and bat wings. Everyone was just so stoked to be there, riding or not. The atmosphere was just magnetic. I loved every moment of it!

cwb4me 08-04-2010 8:01 PM

:Dnicole at the contest i was at they let the winner and second place entry in the outlaw class [up to 5 inverts] go to baltimore to ride with the pros at a red bull sponsored event. they also had the red bull tank there at our contest. it was showing the parks documentary and giving out free red bull.i got to meet alot of new people and even a fellow wakeworlder.he drove the boat i rode behind in the competition. it was a mastercraft x2.i also met a mother of a wakeboarder very young boy maybe 15 and they went all up and down the east coast to contests. her son won his class[advanced] and he did alot of inverts and 360's.i think i would like to do the contest again next year.that will help me challenge myself to learn more new tricks. HAPPY BOARDING and GOOD LUCK in your future contests.:D

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