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phill1187 07-17-2010 3:03 PM

Tantrum Help -- FS 180?
Hey everyone,

I just started trying to learn a tantrum. I think I've got the tripping motion down, and I'm getting plenty enough air to complete the trick. For some reason, though, in the air I end up doing a FS 180 as I flip. The trick ends up being more like a tantrum to fakie, which I would imagine is much tougher to land. Should I try to correct my flipping motion (and if so, how?), or should I just stick with the tantrum to fakie and try to pass the handle in the air? I am able to land pretty big FS 180s out into the flats as well.

And I ride behind an 18-foot center console with no tower and a 140 HP outboard on it, so my setup is not exactly "ideal" but I do what I can with it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks guys. Here's the link to the vid--the last two attempts in the vid are what have been happening to me pretty much every time...


jason95gt 07-17-2010 6:43 PM

Square up your shoulders to the wake and look backwards. It looks more front flip as you are leading the trick with your front shoulder.

phill1187 07-18-2010 6:12 PM

Thanks, I'll think about that next time I try it. What about just trying to land it as is (landing switch)? Is that a bad idea?

wkbrdrchad 08-04-2010 6:06 AM

It looks like you're spinning out the back (kind of like an off axis 3) instead of over the top. I don't think you're actually landing switch, especially on that last one in the video, it looks like you're coming around and landing back on your same heelside edge. The approach and start of the flip look good, focus on popping more straight up & bringing your knees up into your chest to keep your rotation going straight back (heels over head) instead of around the back.

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