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slfxm 07-16-2010 5:15 AM

Need a good boat repair shop in Northern Alabama
I just moved to Huntsville, Al. The water and weather here are awesome! So far the water's been glass every time we've been out (4 times now--we've only been here a couple of weeks).

But, the last time I went out my boat hit the trailer hard when we were putting in. I have no idea how it happened as we didn't do anything different than any other time. I've got a few bad nicks in the fiberglass now (bad enough I can see the black matting under the gelcoat).

Anyone know of a good fiberglass repair shop around Huntsville?

jroyal 07-16-2010 8:59 AM

It might be a good distance from you but I would recommend Inboard Solutions in Montgomery. Give Tim White a call @ (334) 301-2729. Website is: http://inboardsolutionsllc.com/

BWB745 07-16-2010 10:28 AM

Rambo Marine is around the Huntsville area. I haven't done business with them but hear good things about them.

I lived in Huntsville before I moved for college, fun town.

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