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taft 07-14-2010 1:14 PM

Decal Keep Peeling Off!
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Hey Everyone,

I'm hoping you guys have encountered this before, and had your problem solved.

Since day one with my boat, the decals have been peeling. The first time, one peeled off as I towed the boat away from the dealership. Since then, I had the decal replaced twice. The first time, the dealer couldn't get the first one to stick properly and had to reorder another one. So far that specific one has not peeled off again. However, a decal on the opposite side of the boat, which we had no troubles with last year, has begun to peel off.

Part of the thing that I like so much about my boat are the decals, they look great and I don't want to have to change them to something else.

The manufacturer says it could be because the decals are domed, and the pressure from the water is peeling them off... but I'm not sure if i'm convinced by this. I'm thinking their supplier could just be using bad adhesive? The manufacturer wants me to change to flat decals, they believe this will solve the problem.

Any suggestions/comments?

My boat also has a black hull, anyone have problems with hulls getting hot and causing decals to peel?

Thanks guys!

07-14-2010 1:21 PM

Your dealer could be absolutely correct that it could be doming underneath and the pressure is getting to it, it also could be bad adhesive, Tell them you want to do your original decals again, and ask if you mind watching how they are applied... If there smart they will use a heat gun to be able to press the stick on more securely which will not alow that dome to happen anymore and will actually make the adhesive stronger... if they dont do it just have them apply itt go home and just put the heat gun over the sticker inch by inch while also pressing down ... if this doesnt work , then I would have them make flat decals... but it should

PS. If the first one peeled and you have had it replaced and there hasnt been any problems, maybe jsut get the second replaced and it should be good anyways, how long have you had the replacement on the first side?

taft 07-14-2010 1:36 PM

I've only been out for a week with the replacement decal. When we first looked at it, it didn't look completely set. I was expecting it to peel off almost immediately, but so far it has stayed on. It did seem like there were air pockets in it.

The decals that came set with the boat, however, looked fine but peeled.

Anyone else have problems with domed decals?

acurtis_ttu 07-14-2010 1:42 PM

^^^^ I had issues with mine on my supra 07 supra 22SSV. I finally gave up on it...I rock the "PRA" now, lol. I'll replace them when I sell it, till then, I dont' worry about it. I had mine replaced 2 times.

taft 07-14-2010 4:42 PM

It doesn't help that I surf pretty much exclusively.

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