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07-14-2010 12:28 AM

New Board?
So Ive been riding the same board for the last 7 years.. Its a 2003 Hyperlite Motive 128 (which Im in love with) but its time for a new board. I want to stick with Hyperlite, and Im guessing that I will need something bigger (Im 5' 9") but Im not sure what to get?

Does anyone have any advice what kind or size of board to get?

Thank you

linz 07-20-2010 2:19 PM

What is your riding level and budget? There are a ton of amazing boards out this year!

denverlove 07-20-2010 4:25 PM

This is my first year really progressing with my riding... w2w, switch riding, surface tricks, 180s, etc. I have a Hyperlite Syn 132. I'm 5'6" 120lbs and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my board! It has great edging and also has really good pop off the wake. The Syn is a considered an "intermediate to advanced" board and is a continuous rocker.


You can always find previous year models for much cheaper.

denverlove 07-20-2010 4:58 PM

Also, you may want to call around to some local board/boat shops to see if they have any demo days. A boat shop in Colorado has demo days every Monday where they let you demo any board they offer and also give free lessons from their team riders. Board reps in the area also team up with the boat shops during the season to offer demo days.

hyperlite 07-21-2010 4:37 AM

get on the SYN. I rode a tribute for a good bit and its a really good board. Kudos to Greg Nelson on the shape.

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