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xjsnxillusion 07-13-2010 6:44 PM

Looking for a boat
Hey brand new to the forums but I did have a question that I was hoping you all could help me answer:

I've been wakeboarding for about a year - behind a team skeeter 225 hp bass boat which I have basically outgrown and am looking for something more designated for wakeboarding. The wake is so far spread that to wake to wake you are basically going completely horizontal with limited height because the wake is pretty bad. When I began looking at onlyinboards.com and cragslist, I have seen basically two options

1) Older model (1992-2000) wakeboarding boat like Tige, mastercraft, natique, malibu that I would love to have because of the wake they throw but the age of the boats kind of deters me..

2) Getting a 2008-2009 bowrider model such as Chapparal or Crownline which would get what I needed out of it with a dealer warranty and basically 0 hours on the engines..

I know to get a new Tige or mastercraft would be outrageously out of my budget, which is roughly 25,000 but I don't want to sacrifice wake and functionality in the newer bowrider model boats that aren't specifically designed for wakeboarding. Just trying to figure out if going for an older model wakeboarding boat would be worth it -- even though I chance putting it in the shop all the time..

Here's the boat I'm looking at right now -

2009 Crownline 185 SS extreme razor edition

would this I/O bowrider boat give me any wake comparable to that of a inboard V-drive?


cwb4me 07-13-2010 7:01 PM

lewisville texas your in TIGE HEAVEN . YOU could get a 2003 to 2004 22v or 24v tige in that range. you can look at a boat and tell if it's been taken care of. you could get your local dealer to check it out for you also.i have friends with a crownline and they are great boats. but at wakeboard speed alot of i/o are hard to keep on plane . a V-DRIVE type of boat will work best .mastercrafts and correct crafts as well as malibu and supra are also great boats. another good buy would be a moomba you may get as new as 2008 in a moomba in your budget.remember you can always trade in the boat you buy now . when you decide all the little details you want on a newone. GOOD LUCK!

davenk 07-13-2010 7:16 PM

We went from an I/O to a new Tige last fall, best decision I ever made. If you are fairly well into boarding and other watersports,look at some type of V-Drive. The Tige Plant is pretty close to you.

Regardless older I/O or V-Drive-any boat can be good or bad depending on how it was taken care of-typically V-Drive owners tend to take better care of their boats then I/O owners. You will learn this as you shop around and see boats-do your homework and research.

wakedoctor 07-13-2010 7:17 PM

You need to decide what you are wanting to do. If you will be riding around with friend on a crowded lake most the time get the I/O. However, if you want to wakeboard and waterski, you need to be putting yourself in an inboard. You are going to get a better shaped, harder and more consistent wake. You also will get speed control that you will never achieve with an 18' I/O. 20-25k will buy you a great wakeboarding platform. Also don't be scared of age or hours. You can look at an inboard and see if it has been taken care of, and with the SB V8's they have been putting in them forever I highly doubt you are going to wear one out. It will not be in the shop anymore than a new I/O would be.

Also, if you drop 20K on a used inboard you can probably still get that out of it five years down the road. But buy a new I/O at that price and you will be butt hurt when you want to upgrade.

formfunction 07-13-2010 9:10 PM

If your a race car driver you should buy a race car,if your a sponge bob type family man you should get a minivan and if your a wakeboarder you should one hundred percent get a wakeboat.Buy it for what it is intended and don't short yourself or you might regret it down the road.

ajholt7 07-13-2010 10:29 PM

Definately get a wakeboat. +1 for a Tige. Any inboard will be better than an I/O.

alans 07-14-2010 7:31 AM

I would get a 10 year old wakeboat over a brand new stern drive all day long. Test drive and learn.

boardnxtx 07-14-2010 7:43 AM


You have several options in your price range and I would stay in the inboard class if I were in your shoes. There are multiple reasons why, but safety and functionality come to mind instantly. Sure you can get the brand new Crownline, but it's not going to throw the wake you want. There are definite positives to riding behind a wakeboat. And as Craig stated, inboards hold their value much better than most boat types, including I/O's. I looked on CL for less than 5min and found all of these options:






This boat is in my neighborhood and is pretty nice, saw it last night in the guy's driveway.


Don't be afraid to drive a few hours for a nice boat. I bought my first Nautique down in Austin and it was well worth the drive.




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