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baitkiller 07-13-2010 4:33 PM

barefoot bandit
They caught him today in the Bahamas.

No link, sorry.

steezyshots 07-14-2010 11:03 AM

No way! Wasn't he in the pacific northwest for awhile?

wakeboardingdad 07-14-2010 11:07 AM

I saw it yesterday. It's great! Here's this brazen criminal, whose mama laughs and basically commends his spree, that taunted law officials for months and smiled so largely for the camera; but now that he is caught, he hangs his head so it cannot be seen. Where's the attitude now punk?

xistential 07-14-2010 11:23 AM

I saw a programme about him on Dateline about a month back. In and around Seattle was his original stamping ground.He had balls. Gotta give him that. Even a self taught pilot. Stole I dunno how many planes. I think he kinda crash landed some of them but still.....................
Guy has a massive FB following. Just shows what a sad state of affairs it is when kids look up to law breakers and thieves as heros. To be fair we have always loved outlaws. Dillinger,Bonnie & Clyde,Jesse James,all law breaking murderers portrayed as misunderstood victims.

jason_ssr 07-14-2010 1:08 PM

I think we all get a kick out of free spirited rebellion as long as is doesnt harm anyone. We find it somewhat humorous that our crack detectives can unravel the most complex criminal enterprises, but cant seem to stop some hillbilly kid with no shoes from joyriding airplanes and seeing the world. Hardly a hero, but you cant deny that his 15 min of fame is somewhat entertaining.

jps912 07-14-2010 3:11 PM

heres a couple articles.

hatepain 07-14-2010 3:33 PM

He grew and was raised witin 30 minutes of my house. He has become a folk hero to be sure a dort of "catch me if you can" criminal. I think that since he wasn't physically harming anyone people thought it was just some crazy misadventure. The fact that the kid tought himself how to fly and navigate is crazy. He stole five planes crashing them all on landing but he did well enough to walk away each time. He managed to navigate from the midwest to the Bahamas all while flying low enough to stay off radar. Then when he does get cought they have to shoot out the motors to stop his boat in a high speed chase! Its the crazy schitt and the stuff movies are made of.

brettw 07-14-2010 4:28 PM

I bet the folks who's planes, boats and automobiles he stole and trashed would love to get their hands on this kid for a bit.

xistential 07-14-2010 4:54 PM

Yeah,I bet. One lady they interviewed (I thinkshe had a shop at a marina?) said everybody looked to him like some kind of impish little rogue but to them he was just a common thief. He stole their livlihood. More like a robbing hood than a Robin Hood to them. They were seriously pi$$ed.

wakeboardern1 07-16-2010 7:23 AM

I read an article about how the local cops were constantly harassing him growing up and trying to peg him for every stolen item that there was on the island he lived on. At one point they picked him up while he was riding the new bike that his mom bought him, dragged him to her house in the cruiser and asked if it was stolen. Apparently the sheriff where he lived hated him and even went out of his way to charge him with crimes that he didn't commit. He wound up in a juvenile detention facility, which he broke out of and wound up living on the run.

wakeboardingdad 07-16-2010 10:26 PM

I saw on the news tonight that he is being taken back to Washington State and charged with 70 crimes. Again, he was hanging his head. Where's all the devilish smiles now? Yes, I hate thieves. Especially the ones who take what does not belong to them and crashes or destroys it for fun.

bennn 07-16-2010 11:05 PM

this kid is a legit badass

ttrigo 07-16-2010 11:44 PM

hey Ben. when your old enough to own something of value, and have some punk ass little kid destroy it, lets see how much you think they are a badass then. this loser was a criminal, plain and simple.

wakeboardingdad 07-17-2010 5:39 AM

This is more like it:


Originally Posted by bennn (Post 1609711)
this kid is a legit ass

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