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brucemac 07-13-2010 3:53 PM

help with weight - 03 X-2 (205V/X-1 hull)
i know it will never compete with the larger surf-centric boats, but just looking for anybody who's got their port side waved dialed in consistently.

750lb rear locker
300-350'ish center locker (rear seat sac inside locker)
750lb half full give or take rear corner on the floor

thinking of buying another sac or two for when we've just got a 3-person crew. also thinking about maybe taking the center bag out and putting it partially in the walkway or up on the observer bench so it can fill to capacity which i think is somewhere around 550lbs. we've got a decent sized wave, but it's fairly short. looking for a bit more meat and a little longer wave. currently riding around 10-10.5.

any tips or advice appreciated


lionel 07-13-2010 10:47 PM


Put the 750 on the port seat as far back as you can, have your buddies sit on or around it. Should be money.

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