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wakeboardingdad 07-13-2010 7:46 AM

Looking for foam?
Since I cannot afford a red woody and I need a bigger board, I'm going to build one. I've combed over the threads and found some great info and links. So, after searching high and low in my area for suppliers via the phone book and the internet, I finally found a "one stop shop" that lists all (a good number :) ) of nationwide foam suppliers. This is it: http://www.hotwiredirect.com/eps-block-molders/

I called up my local manufacturer and since I was not doing commercial or residential work, they were able to sell directly to me. Schweet! My 2'x8'x4" blank: Less than $10 each for EPS and I only have to buy 2 of them! Of course, I'm buying 4 since I have several boards planned.

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