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bruce 07-12-2010 12:46 PM

The "Y"

The YMCA is a lot of things..
but it isn't Young
it isn't for Men
It certainly isn't Christian
but...It IS an Association...

sooooo...I'd call it "The A"

trace 07-12-2010 1:08 PM

Good. I can do without the christian part anyway.

07-12-2010 1:34 PM

me too.

wakeandsnow27 07-12-2010 2:32 PM

yeah that Christian part sure is offensive.

darn athletic facilities forcing religion down the throats of today's youth.

thanks for the laugh. :)

trace 07-12-2010 2:34 PM

I didn't say it was offensive, just that I can do without the window dressing.

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