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corbin 07-12-2010 7:15 AM

Toe side Heel side
This is only my second summer wakeboarding and I"m starting to have questions with terminology. I guess I should learn the basics firsts so... Which side is heel side and which is toe sied?

Is Heel side the side where your heels are close to the boat or is heel side where you dig your heels in to pull to the side of the boat?

Either way, I'm struggling with getting out to the driver's or starboard side of the boat. Leaning on my toes and trying to dig in with my back foot and turn the board to go wide so that I can get a good run at the wake. I can get quite a ways out on the port side because it is easy to lean back on my heels and swing wide and then make a run at the wake but the other side is very difficult.

Any suggestions?

wake77 07-12-2010 7:26 AM

From what I understand, you are a left foot forward rider. You cut out on the port side on your heels, which means you will be approaching the wake on your toeside. On the starboard side, you are cutting out on your toes, which means you will approach the wake on your heelside.

Your issue is with your toeside edge. Most beginners have issues with this edge. This drill is invaluable for improving your toeside edge.


Learn good technique before you start ingraining the bad habits.

hawkeye7708 07-12-2010 7:27 AM

Heelside is when your heels are facing the wake. (You cut away from the wake on the toes and approach it on your heels)

Toeside is when your toes are facing the wake. (You cut away from the wake on your heels and approach it on your toes)

hawkeye7708 07-12-2010 7:32 AM

It's definitely easier and more natural to lean back and away from the boat, allowing you to get outside and farther away from the wake easier. Though heelside jumps are known to be easier jumps, getting out farther requires you to lean over your toes, away from the boat which is a more unnatural feeling IMO. Sounds like you can make a toeside cut into the wake, to transplant that to the other (heelside) side of the wake. Handle into your leading hip, apply more pressure to the toe edge of your board and take a gradual cut out. It'll work. Think= Same Cut in on my toeside used as my cut OUT on my heelside. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing lol

hyperlite 07-13-2010 3:54 AM


guma 07-13-2010 6:22 AM

Just watched that video, wow is my toe side cut horrible. No wonder I get so frustrated on toe side. I have picture perfect form on the incorrect way to cut toe side! Thanks for posting that vid

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