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OneCent 07-12-2010 12:54 AM

What board after Hyperlite State

I'm thinking of buying another Board with a different setup. Atm i have a Hyperlite State on the Boat, its a pretty easy board and does the Job for me and my guests. But... ;-) I'm thinking about a 2010 Ronix Ibex, One or a Viva. But i can't test them in my area. Ronix Commercial says the 2010 Ibex, one, and Viva are also for beginner, not that aggressive like the previous ones.

For: behind a boat, no cable

Your opinion?

Cheers, OneCent

P.S. I would like to test the boards, but in my area i dont know any shop with test boards :-(

dakid 07-12-2010 1:16 AM

liquid force shane

snoopy1173 07-12-2010 8:09 AM

2007 Hyperlite 3ds. Super cheap on like grizzlysports and M2sports and great boards. Cant go wrong.

hawkeye7708 07-12-2010 8:43 AM


Ronix has some great great boards and I think you'll be very happy with the results from any of the ones if you picked it. Out of your three choices, I'd say the One and Viva are your best bets. While the Ibex is toned down and more Universal from past Parks shapes, it's still a very aggressive board once you start to push it harder. The Ronix One is a very smooth board with a smooth 3 stage rocker that may give you that more vertical boot that you may have become familiar with on your State. I know lots of people who ride it, and they all enjoy it.

The Viva on the other hand, I have lots of experience with, and ride currently. Everyone from beginners, just getting out for the first time, to people who have been on the water forever and are just getting into boarding, to riders who've been riding for quite a while like myself, it seems to get thumbs up all around. The hybrid rocker on the board really gives you lots of options when it comes to where you want to take your airs. The continuous curve of the board really takes off when you put it on edge, but the board has the capability to be taken high and vertical or with a high arc out into the flats if you cut in quicker with it. Really a rider friendly board. The continuous rocker's higher level of predictability and control has allowed me to feel more consistent going off the wake and has allowed me to start taking what I know bigger and bigger. Fun ride, forgiving, loose when you want to butter it around, screams like a bat outta hell towards the wake, and ending with a predictable pop that you can take as high or as far to the flats as you so choose. I love the Viva and don't think it'd let you down. Hell, my hardcore Marek riding buddy even said it lands like a pillow vs. the Marek. Just another testimonial! I'm 6'1 180-185 and ride the 144. It's awesome.

Good luck hunting!

OneCent 07-12-2010 10:40 AM

i'm 5.47 - 166

do you think the 140 viva is ok?

Btw. nice testemonial.

Cheers, OneCent

hawkeye7708 07-12-2010 2:12 PM

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The 140 Viva would take care of you just fine. I think you'll dig it. It's a really fun board that but it's a board that you can just keep pushing harder and harder with as you want to. Wake to wake, or booters out into the flats, this board has you covered.


kristian 07-12-2010 4:59 PM

+1 for the Viva. You can't really go wrong with it! Just a super solid shape. Fun to ride. Very Stable.

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