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dirwoody 07-10-2010 11:32 AM

Help! - Another knee question!
Last weekend completely bottomed out on a landing, and felt a pop in my left knee. Swelled a bit, but was able to walk on it within an hour. I am heading out for a week-long trip this coming friday and am looking for some advice!
- Tender to the touch on the inside, lower portion of the knee
- Pain when bending past about 90 degrees, but have full range of motion
- minor pain when locking leg
- Minor swelling
- Instability with side to side motions
- Hurts going down stairs
- feeling of loseness when standing and move knee inward - feels like it could either pop out, or just give way
- There is no pain on the outside, or upper part of the knee

From my research, I'm thinking this is a good MCL sprain, but not a meniscus tear (had that on my other knee and it's different than that was). Hoping it's not ACL, but always cautious.

I know I need to go get this checked out, but wondering if I will be able to do some riding with a good knee brace while on vacation

Thoughts from the knee experts?

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