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07-09-2010 8:44 PM

Looking for some people to ride with
I just got my new cc230 and I have a few people I ride with but wanting to find some new people to ride with in the Polk county area in Florida. But no drinking smoking etc anything like that and no need for gas money just come out and ride send me a message.

ferral 07-09-2010 9:46 PM

Try the "Find a Third" forum on here.

07-09-2010 10:40 PM

Ok thanks

wake77 07-10-2010 6:18 PM

No need for gas money? You'll have about a zillion people to choose from.

kko13 07-10-2010 8:10 PM

I would be down for a ride one weekend for sure. I am only an avg. rider. I dont smoke so no problem there. You in Lakeland? If you dont mind me asking how old are you? Where did you buy the boat?

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