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wakeboarder78 07-09-2010 6:39 AM

A few days ago we took our boat out on the Navesink River in NJ and there were jellyfish everywhere. I don't mind being stung a few times so I thought I would be fine. I went in with a longsleeve rashguard and boardshorts. After fifteen minutes of riding and falling a few times I had to stop because I kept getting stung all over my legs and wrists. Has anyone else had problems like this? Do you just drive around to where there are less jellyfish or do you just where a fullsuit wetsuit to prevent being stung? Another option would be to wakeboard in some of the coves on the sandy hook bay where there might be less jellyfish because it is about 5 degrees cooler. What do you think? THanks!

behindtheboat 07-09-2010 6:51 AM

No idea, I'm thankful I don't have jellyfish in the water

alans 07-09-2010 7:31 AM

I grew up riding in the Chesapeake. We just wore panty hose and it worked great. Not much you can do about wrists unless you wore gloves or panty hose over your wrists.

waketowake 07-09-2010 7:45 AM

You don't feel a thing in a wet suit. I have herd of panty hose but i've never tried it. A couple summers ago the jellys were so bad in the gulf when we surfed we wore full wet suits in 100+ weather.

mc_x15 07-09-2010 10:34 AM

Ahhh, the dreaded Jersey jellys. They suck. I ride on the metedeconk River and they are brutal. Big ones with 12-24 inch tentacales. They are the worst. What we do is if its really bad we wear full 3/2 wetsuits sucks but the cant sting through that. Thicker rash guards work too, long sleeves of course. Or people have told me to use a course sponge on stung areas to remove the "stingers" or whatever it is and then White Vinegar I believe. My crew is actually pretty use to them except for the occasional face or corner ot the eye sting <-- really hurts. Oh and make sure if you riding in shorts you have spandex underneith, a size too small. Jellys on the junk is brutal. Good luck.

PS. supposedly the reason they are so bad is becasue of the fertalizers people are using on their lawns. I guess it runs into the water and makes the jellys breading cycle screwed up. Only what i heard.

jcollinge 07-09-2010 11:31 AM

If you do get stung then flush/spray the area with vinegar. It usually works very well.

nj_alex 07-09-2010 4:37 PM

New Jersey Jellyfish
At the first Surf & Offshore wakeboarding contest in the bay in Lavallette the jellyfish were brutal. But when I used to ride in the salt in Turtle Cove in Manahawking Bay I don't remember jellyfish ever being a problem. The greenheads on the other hand, were unrelenting and brutal. But now that I ride in The Delaware River, concerns of jellyfish, greenheads, shallow water and salt have all gone away. I loved my salty Turtle Cove and had to be pushed to tow to the river, but once I did I never went back.

cadunkle 07-10-2010 2:37 PM

One of the reasons I don't care for the Jersey shore, they can be bad at times. I stick to the Delaware, no problems there.

TheSarge 07-10-2010 5:59 PM

WTf, you guys gotta wear a 3/2 suit in the summer just to ride? Not because of the weather but freakin jellyfish? F that!!

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