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chris_b 07-09-2010 7:11 AM

Got my first board
It hasn't rained here in Tenn. for about 8 weeks, not more than a shower. I got a new board yesterday and 80% chance of rain all day. What luck? Well we need it anyways. I picked up a Grindwater Shaka for $215. I wanted a board that I wouldn't out grow the first season. Anyone rode one of these??

scottnaz 07-09-2010 6:54 PM

Sounds like a good deal Chris,
Post up some pics after you get a chance to ride it

DealsGapCobra 07-10-2010 8:11 PM

I hope you got to ride. It rained yesterday here in Knoxville but was great today.

ilikebeaverandboats 07-11-2010 3:31 PM

Sounds sweet man. Get out and ride it....idk about up in tenn. but here in AZ, if it calls for rain....I GO to the lake, no one ever out there :) We dont typically get alot of lighting, and winds arent normally super bad unless its a monsoon.

chris_b 07-12-2010 5:07 AM

I got to try it out some this weekend. Spent most of the weekend trying dodge thunderstorms. I can't give an exact review of the board yet. I am still playing with the weight for the wakesurf. Sunday on our way in I moved people around and got a good surf wake, but thunderstorms were rolling in fast. I'll post more later.

ilikebeaverandboats 07-12-2010 12:30 PM

are you running any ballast? What kinda boat are you running?

chris_b 07-12-2010 8:31 PM

I was only running 400 in locker and about 450 in back corner. The boat is a Malibu VLX.

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