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kitewake 07-07-2010 8:25 PM

Sanger V210 Ballast/Wake Question
Recently I have had an issue with my V210 wake getting really lippy as we burn off gas...

Low/normal weight set up:
-22 pop bags....14 of them forward in the boat, thre rest spread about the middle of the boat. This evens out the boat...and gives me the needed weight up front to provide a balanced starting point
-About 250# in stereo gear, batteries, etc, behind obervers seat = middle- forward in boat.
-Total of about 1,100#
-This is a fun reliable wake...which I have been riding lately. Good for 21 mph to about 23 mph.

Medium weight set up:
-Above...plus the following
-400# sack in the ski locker
-A custom #225 sack at the front of each locker along side the engine
-Best speed is about 22-24.5 mph
-When the gas tank is full...this wake is similar in shape to the #1,000 set up, super fun...just bigger.....but.....
-With 2 people in boat...and one rider...as the gas tank empties, however...the wake gets REALLY lippy. Accidental scarecrow attempt lippy. Not fun. For the small amount of weight that we burn off...the wake shape really changes. It is not just me. Many other riders have noticed. We have also noticed that after re-fuleing...the wake comes back!

What gives? I can not do much to move more weight to the front. It is already pretty sketchy.... I have not changed anything...and now the wake shape seems different. Has anyone had an issue like this? Could I actually have too much weight up front? I guess I could fill up another sack and put it on the floor over the gas tank to make up for fuel burn...but that seems absurd.

ralph 07-07-2010 10:20 PM

Yes too much weight in the back, I would shift some of the pop bags from the middle to the bow if the tank is getting low.

I pretty much always top the boat up with gas between sessions so we are carrying as much gas as possible. The rub rail at the nose just kisses the water as we come off the plane.

extremeisaac 07-08-2010 6:53 AM

Listen to Ralph ... He's got his dialed.... Maybe as the gas gets lower shift a few pop bags around to compensate for weight loss from fuel?

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