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jclay5 07-07-2010 5:53 AM

New Boat Search
Just looking for opinions.... I have not been on any test drives yet, but plan on doing so between now and this winter with a purchase date sometime after Christmas.

Tell me your opinions between the following three boats with a price range of 45k-55k: 2008-2009 MasterCraft X15, 2008-2009 SANTE 210, and a 2009-2010 Supra 21V. I will go newer on these models if I can stay within my price range or very close to it. I currently have a 2002 Moomba Mobius V so I will actually be going slightly shorter in boat length but I don't see room being an issue. Feel free to add in other models that are similar.


ajholt7 07-07-2010 6:20 AM

You could get a new Tige Z1 in that price range.

wakereviews 07-07-2010 6:40 AM

You can pick up my loaded 2011 MB Widebody in that price range, timing is perfect too.

07-07-2010 7:12 AM

Give EPIC 23V some thought. Just got a 2011 and it is AWESOME. 4000# stock ballast, speakers are set in the transom which is amazing, foam floor (no more carpet crap) and wake is just plain insane! Also is has a 8.1L Merc in it and is 23' long. IMO just a much better boat than those at that price point. Hit me up if you want more info.


tyler97217 07-07-2010 7:31 AM

I have been real happy with my 21V and I am loving the new LCD screen and all the benefits it has. It is only on the 2010's though. Let me know if you have any specific questions on the Supra and I can help you. I have about 30 hours on mine so far.

jclay5 07-07-2010 7:51 AM


Not gunna lie I have a pic of your 21V set as my desktop background... I absolutely love it and that is why it's on the list.... plus I like skiers choice..

bruizza 07-07-2010 8:59 AM

You can get a brand new fully loaded axis A22 in that price range.

tyler97217 07-07-2010 9:17 AM

That sounds a little dirty. In all seriousness, this has been my favorite Supra and I have had my share. Everyone of course is going to promote the boat they have and you have lots of options in this price range so good luck with your search and again, let me know if you have any specific questions on this model year or another, or if you want some more pics of anything....

justsan 07-07-2010 9:29 AM

08 210 -you'll never look back or regret your decision ;-)
Solid construction, trouble free components, stadium seating (which is my personal favorite option in my boat), an amazing wake you can shape any way you want that's always thick and meaty, and a great warranty with a solid company to back it.

X-15, I like the wake but its a smaller boat all arund, and I feel cramped in it...and I'm not a fan of Mastercraft products to begin with.

EPIC is a local company, and I liked the fact I could get service from any Mercury dealer, they are awesome to ride behind, but I can't stand the driver ergonomics...and you, as the owner, will spend a lot of time in that seat.

You know the deal -go to as many boat shows as possible, sit in all of the boats, then test drive what you think you may like from there...ask a million questions then pull the trigger.

tro 07-07-2010 7:38 PM

ha ha. that scott guy and his epic boat posts are awesome! no one even suggests that they are considering epic on their list and he brings the pain about how great those boats are. almost like he's a dealer. ha ha.

wakereviews 07-08-2010 5:29 AM

He did say "feel free to add in other models that are similar"

tampawake 07-08-2010 7:00 AM

To get really good opinions I would say you need to know exactly how you plan on using the boat. I would say the only negative I see on the 210 is the seats are close to the floor. I am tall and find hanging out in it uncomfortable. Really need to know exactly how your using the boat.

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