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spunnnn 07-06-2010 8:13 PM

Looking for pull at Folsom...
Any one need a third at Folsom this week or next?

bmcgorrin 07-06-2010 9:30 PM

This week we are going away camping, but I will keep you posted about next week.-Brendan

v220ls 07-06-2010 10:21 PM

I was trying to get a crew for tomorrow? I will not know if I have another until tomorrow about 9 am. I will post or call me tomorrow if you are still interested.
nine one six seven five two five one zero one.


angelo_ski 07-09-2010 5:22 PM

Greg, Brennen, Kev,

I would like to get out next week for a dawn patrol set. If you are intrested, let me know. Thanks.

angelo_ski 07-09-2010 5:23 PM

Sorry, mistyped your name

wksk8r 07-12-2010 10:07 PM

I am down..... Kevbo! I have not heard from you in over a year, hit me up... you still got the #

wksk8r 07-12-2010 10:08 PM

i am off all week but Friday

zgimpstr 07-18-2010 2:37 AM

If anyone needs a third in Folsom please let me know. I need to get some sets in this summer.

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