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tonality 07-06-2010 1:02 PM

Diamond Hex S600 equivalent?
Hey all;

So I'm slowly coming to realize that the midbass in my boat just isn't cutting the mustard with these poor factory Kenwoods, and I'm really wanting something closer to what I had in my old boat (Diamond Hex's, and they were INSANE), but they seem to not be in production any more. Does anyone have any experience with these components and care to recommend an equivalent? 2-way preferred so I don't have to drill, but separates are doable.


bawshogg 07-06-2010 1:57 PM

I just finished mine with Exile's new cabin speakers, SX65's. They are pretty damn sweet. I used to have the Diamonds also in an older boat I had, and would say that the SQ of the Exiles is just as good if not better. You won't be disappointed there.

murphy_smith 07-06-2010 2:01 PM

Are you opposed to Wetsounds? It would match your exsisting setup. IMO the XS650's have solid midbass

Diamond Hex's were nice.

tonality 07-06-2010 5:11 PM

Not opposed at all, just hadn't heard them live yet. Guess i need to head back up to EM and give them a listen...I'd definitely be interested in checking out the Exiles too though.

Good info, thanks guys.

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