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roxygirl 07-06-2010 11:45 AM

board question
Hello, I have a question. I am very new to wakeboarding. Meaning I got up like three times. Anyway, I dont know hardly anything anout wakeboards. I think the board I am using is way to heavy for me. I am very petite, I am like 5'2 amd weigh like 90 pounds. The board I am trying to learn on is a 132 I think. I keep telling my husband that its way to big for me(example when i crash face first and am in the water on my belly i cant even twist the board over to get on my back to start over its just too heavy) anyway, he keeps telling me that the bigger boards are easier to control and i need a bigger one to learn on. I am having a hart time explaining to him that this one is just too heavy for me. Is this the right size for me or is does anyone have any suggestions on what size i should be using? thanks

Melissa 07-06-2010 1:05 PM

If the board feels too big and heavy, then it probably is. Its also possible that you just need to build up some more muscle stamina.

There a lot of boards out there that cater to lighter riders. (its about weight, not so much height) so you could probably do something smaller like a 130, or 124 even.

The 124 is rated for people up to 110 lbs...

roxygirl 07-06-2010 1:11 PM

Thanks Melissa, I kinda figured I may need to try a smaller board, lol but you cant tell my husband otherwise(know it all) I did my research online and every thing i read recommened a smaller board due to my weight but he keeps saying anything smaller is a kid board. Hey if a kid board is what I need i will try. Then maybe as i Build some more muscle stamina i could move up to a bigger board.

Melissa 07-06-2010 1:22 PM

Yeah, husbands... *rolls eyes* Hahaha you can't tell mine anything as well. =)

They do make kids boards, but those are much, much smaller - 109, 111, 118, 119. I think a 124-130 would be a good range for your weight.

roxygirl 07-06-2010 2:06 PM

i was actually looking at the 2010 hyperlite eden. From what i am reading it appears to be good for beginers and they make it in 125......any suggestions?

steezy 07-07-2010 12:52 AM

I started out on a hyperlite eden and it's a great board to learn on! I love it! I eventually grew out of it and now ride a hyperlite blur, soon to be a company board but the hyperlite eden is a great board and I would suggest the smallest one to start out on and once you build your muscle and stamina then go up sizes based on your experience levels! Good luck!

roughrivermike 07-07-2010 6:35 AM

My Daughters both ride. My youngest is 14 and weighs just under 80lbs. The past few boards that she has ridden are the LF Nemesis 124 and the Hyperlite eden. This year she bumped up to a 128 LF Luna (same as the PS3). Of all of those boards, I would say that the heaviest board is the Eden (I think it is a 126). She still uses the 124 Nemesis for rails and sliders, but the Luna is her favorite. I agree with the ladies here, if it feels too heavy then it probably is. The Eden is a good board though especially learning toe side because it has longer molded fins on the toe side edge. Good Luck.

roxygirl 07-07-2010 10:59 AM

Thanks everyone for responding. I am gonna check out some smaller boards and hopefully be on my way to learning and enjoying the sport.

roxygirl 07-07-2010 6:34 PM

Hey guys is thr ronix krush a good beginer board? The smallest I am seeing is 128 do you think that would work well for me?

roughrivermike 07-08-2010 5:48 AM

The Ronix Krush is designed similarly to the eden. It too has different heelside and toeside molded fins. The toeside fins are a little longer to help you with toeside cuts. I dont thonk that it has any channels that run the length of the board though so it will probably have a much looser ride.

linz 07-20-2010 3:29 PM

Hi ladies -
I also learned on a Hyperlite Eden and it treated me well until I started consistently clearing the wake and learning grabs then I moved up to the Syn.
From reading the leading thread post I wonder how old the board you are trying to learn on is...The newer boards tend to be lighter and also be easier to control in the water. The 129 Hyperlite Jade might be a good option for you. I have a friend who's just learning and LOVES this board (she's about your size)!
Anyhoo...good luck and happy shredding!

hyperlite 07-21-2010 5:38 AM

another Greg Nelson classic

07-21-2010 8:24 PM

I tried a whole season to get up on my husband's board without any luck. The next year I got an Eden and popped up first try. Love that board. I keep it specifically for teaching new riders. Good luck!

cwb4me 07-21-2010 8:44 PM

wait one minute! you mean to tell me men don't know everything.LOL yes roxygirl both you and your husband are right. a smaller board would be easier to control and easier to rotate from your stomach to your back.but a bigger board is easier to start on and ride. example the only womens board we have is my wifes which is a 136 jett. a young student of mine brought his girlfriend with him so she could learn to wakeboard.she was 16 years old about 5' nothing and i'd say lucky to weigh 90 lbs. we had to help her when she fell on her stomach. you rotate your head shoulders and hips then your board . if that doesn't do it grab the rope get it tight and rotate towards it while you have tension on it that should do the trick. it worked for her. we had her up in three tries and crossing both wakes in 3 sets. you just need a little coaching from someone other than your husband. thats why we went to the wakeboard camp to let my wife learn . she responded to others help better than my "coaching". women don't want to hear anything even remotely negative from their husbands.GOOD LUCK!

07-22-2010 8:36 AM

^^^^what Robert said....coaching+spouse= criticism....coaching+anyone other than spouse=helpful advice!

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