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heath 07-06-2010 8:35 AM

SAN 2010 230 biggest surprise
OK, so i have had my new 230 for about three months now and have been more than happy with the boat. No problems at this point just a few minor ones I was able to take care of. (loose screws, etc)

So the biggest surprise about this boat has been the quality of the ride especially in rough water. I came from a 2008 Supra 22v and considered the ride ok at best. The 230 handles rough water very well. This boat does not beat you to death. I attribute this to a couple things: Overall superior build quality, the weight of the boat and the deep v entry of the hull. The deadrise might also be a factor as there is somewhat of one for a wakeboarding boat.

Overall, impressed and needless to say it is one of the best looking wakeboarding boats on the market today in my opinion.

WakeUKY 07-30-2010 7:36 AM

We've seen you out in fishing creek a lot. The boat looks sick man. The rough water handling is definitely a credit to the thinner profiled Nautique hull. They slice and dice like champs.

Always great to see someone loving their investment.

BTW... Those loose screws you mentioned that is something to really watch for. My buddy that I primarily ride with has an '07 220 and it has lost some critical screws through the summers. Example, the hinge screws to the trash can lid cover. The screws have worked themselves out and we have essentially lost an entire hinge to that piece so check the screws to those odds and ends regularly.

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