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eternalshadow 07-04-2010 10:45 PM

Alberta Wakeboarders???
Here's the 2010 Contest and Events information. Hit me up for any additional information!

2010 Events:

WSR Events:
July 8/9 Girls Clinic $150 (Lake Isle)
Jul-11 WSR Contest $35 (Lake Isle)
July 19/23 WSR/HyperActive Clinic $$TBA (Chestermere)
Jul-24 HyperActive Contest TBA (Chestermere)
Aug 2/6 Alix Clinic $TBA (Alix)

Aug 9/10 Girls Clinic $150 (Lake Isle)

WSR Ride Nights
Wednesdays nights Rip n Ride Night $70 (Lake Isle)
Tuesdays ladies Night $75 (Lake Isle)

Switch Wakeboard School
Switch Ride Nights: June-Sept (Tuesdays) (Lake Isle)
Switch Wakeboard Camp: July 10-11 (Lake Isle)
WSWA Girls Day Out: July 23-25 (Lake Isle)
Switch Wakeboard Tournament: August (weekend TBA) (Lake Isle)

July 31st Recreational Tournament - Seba Beach (Rigada Festival)

TUESDAY/THURSDAYS - Barry Jay’s Ride nights Jack Fish Lake;
$30/member, Edward 780-428-2628.

*Aug-07 Wakeboard Provincials Contest $50 (Alix)

Aug 26-29 Wakeboard Nationals (Shalom Park)*

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