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adambarry 07-04-2010 2:59 PM

Some simple boat modifications, need help finding things.
So since it is the 4th of July and I am avoiding the lakes and rivers with my boat at all costs I figured it would be a good time to figure out how to do some simple fixes to my boat. Here are some of the things I want to do and need help finding the products to do so.

- Cargo netting
I want something like the stuff you see in the back of the seats in the older suburbans. Its netting with a stretch top so it secures all of your stuff. I want it in a few sizes. I would like to place one under my drivers seat and one under the cargo door under the glove box on my boat so I am looking for something like 24 X 18 or so and 48 x 18.

-Plastic loctite?
not sure if they make it but I sure as hell need it.

-Ballast (long term)
I wanted to see how much it would cost to add one more pump to plumb in a front ballast. And how do you drill through a gel coat? Also where would the intake be placed? I am guessing near the ones that are already there for the three other ballast tanks.. but you never know.

-Bigger Ice chest
Our boat has a small one but I think I am just going to get another small one that could fit under a seat. I am open to any other more convenient ideas for Ice chests though..

-Storage for shoes?
I am trying to figure out a better place to put shoes. Our boat has no sort of bin that is just plastic or anything everything is carpet and once shoes are on it, dirt comes with it.. so I need ideas of what I could get to put shoes in..

Any other helpful storage or ballast mods i should know about?


trace 07-05-2010 5:44 AM

Cargo netting - I bought one of these for along the side of my boat, has worked great for like 8 seasons: http://www.autobarn.net/higuncarstor.html Also, http://www.jcwhitney.com has a few options. You can also buy the raw material from places like http://www.usnetting.com and build your own.

I would put the shoes in the built in cooler, and get a decent sized one for your food & bevs. Built in coolers are usually too small, uninsulated, and a PITA to clean.

Search this site for a wealth of ballast info. You will probably find posts on upgrades to your exact boat.

xxxChrisBxxx 07-05-2010 7:52 AM

What do you need the locktite for?

kko13 07-05-2010 8:00 AM

Best tip for drilling gelcoat ..... make sure the whole is where you want it.then tripple check it! Place masking tape. Run drill in reverse until you go through the gel and then switch it to forward.

adambarry 07-05-2010 10:28 AM

Awesome I will check those out. As for plastic loctite i think my stock ballast expanded and the threads dont hold anymore so i figured I'd use temporary loctite on them until summer is over?
thanks for your guys' help


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