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masterwake1122 07-04-2010 10:35 AM

Drivetrain not connected?
I was pulling someone skiing and all of a sudden there was a jolt and the boat wouldn't go anywhere. I shut it down and went underneath and the prop was pushed up against the rudder. I could push the prop / drivetrain back towards the engine. Prop and drivetrain seemed like they weren't damaged. It's a 97 nautique sport.

Anyone else ever have this? What did I damage? How can I fix it?

99_slaunch 07-04-2010 11:04 AM

Sounds like the shaft/coupler bolts came out. I would chek that first.

hypermike 07-04-2010 1:20 PM

I had the same thing happen to me about three weeks ago. My mechanic found that the bolts on the drive coupler had in fact came out and the motor mounts were loose. I had to have the motor realigned and the prop fixed.

kko13 07-04-2010 3:36 PM

What boat do you have? I agree it sounds like the coupler bolts came lose and then broke. I have seen this happen on a few malibus thats why I asked. The ones I have had this happen to needed new flanges because the bolt holes got elongated from the bolta being lose.

masterwake1122 07-04-2010 3:40 PM

mike how much did that run you if you don't mind me asking?

hypermike 07-06-2010 7:57 PM

Dan, Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. The shop I took my boat to offers an annual special, that inculdes: changing all oils, belts and filters, etc. On top of tha,t they diconnect the coupler and check the motor alignment. With mine already discounected, it was one less step for them. Long story short, $480 for the annaul service and $150 for the prop repair, plus Uncle Sam's part.

Dizzzy 07-06-2010 11:17 PM

I also had this happen a couple of weeks ago, the key/shear pin that holds the prop shaft in was split right in half, I actually had to get a new prop shaft, which was around 500. The job doesn't take more than a couple of hours of labor to fix though once they get the parts.

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