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fullspeed 07-03-2010 9:08 PM

O'neill Vest does damage to my boat's Vinyl seats
So the O'neill jack wasn't wet, the seat wasn't wet and yes I sat my tower on the jacket while I put the boat into the garage. It sat on the jacket for a couple days until I could talk my wife into helping me lift the tower and strap it to the ceilling in my garage. My tower does weigh a lot, but this Sucks.

Anyways this is what happened.


I have tried everything to get the new O'neill tatoo of my vinyl seat. Exquisite Vinyl Cleaner, Mr Clean Dry Erase Bar....Even Wine Out and now a light dap of bleach to try to fade it. I am screwed I think. The ink off of the vest logo bleed into the vinyl and stained it. It is pretty large and in plain view.

Any suggestions Please.
I live in Santa Cruz where O'neill is located, but I really don't want to make a deal out of it since I shouldn't of left my tower on the vest smashing it on the seat for two days, but I really don't think it should of done that. 90% of all my vest are O'neil Jackets and this has never happened before.

It makes my seat look ugly.

espritv8 07-03-2010 9:24 PM

Got the same happening with an helium vest. With time id did went away a bit but still visible

lfadam 07-03-2010 10:12 PM

Ive had two pairs of Split boardshorts do that, only when wet though. I think I used "Oops" to get it out. Took a while (think I only faded it first, but think it went away over time) Definitely sucks, dont know why the ink does that

packrat 07-03-2010 10:19 PM

I had that happen to with a Blue O'Neil vest on beige Upholstery. I was able to have a local guy who does vinyl repairs for local boat dealers re dye the upolstery in that area. Turned out perfect could not tell where the stain was. He worked out of the Seattle area. I used him another time when my son's mountain bike tire rubbed on the upholstery for 4 hrs on a road trip. Last time bikes were allowed in the boat on a trip even wrapped.

you_da_man 07-04-2010 1:33 AM

Wow, that does suck. Hope it works out for you bro. Glad my tower doesn't contact my interior but I don't have to ever take mine down though.

JDubs 07-04-2010 6:52 AM

My wifes Roxy vest does that. It happened 2 times. takes about 4 or 5 trips out in the sun and it will go away. I couldn't find any kind of cleaner that would get it off. Just be patient and it will be gone before you know it.

joesell 07-04-2010 9:10 AM

x2 for the sun

fullspeed 07-04-2010 11:04 AM

Hey everyone thanks for your replies, I hope it fades with time. It is crazy that there are so many people that has had the same problem. It will be hard to patient, because I keep my boat spotless. That will be my excuse to use a year or two from now to buy a new boat. lol

Thanks again, got to love the wakeworld community.

extremeisaac 07-04-2010 1:38 PM

Also had this happen... I used magic eraser followed up with letting it dry in the sun..... Then used babes seat soap followed by 303 to protect it.....could never tell it happened

ryan387 07-05-2010 10:40 AM

packrat, in the seattle area. do you have the guys contact info please?

scott 07-05-2010 10:55 AM

Try a Mr. Clean Sponge! Not saying it will work, but it has removed many stains for me.

07-05-2010 12:41 PM

mr clean will eat your interior. try starbright black streak remover or mildew remover

scott 07-05-2010 2:03 PM

I'm sorry I ment Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge. Mojo is that okay or have you heard the same about that?

07-05-2010 2:17 PM

i have used the erasers on a friends boat at his request and nothing bad happened, and it did a great job. however, cleaners like that are not approved for the vinyl/stitching and will eventually deteriorate the stuff. like i said, starbright black streak remover or mildew remover should work. also, in your manual it should have a stated approved cleaning list for certain types of stains.

silvermustang35 07-05-2010 3:04 PM

My Gf's Helium and oneill vest did the same thing but it happened on one of the rear ballast bags. One of the bags had a big pink oneill star in it. Eventually it went away. Good luck but I'd say sun exposure then going over it with Babes and 303 or babes seat conditioner is prolly the route.

scott 07-06-2010 7:53 AM

That's what I thought too Mojo! But what is the real risk? live with the Oniel sgn, or try the eraser!

bruizza 07-06-2010 8:16 AM

I had my helium vest do this to a friend's interior. It disappeared after a couple more trips out. I am guessing the sun faded it to the point it is no longer visible. However it was nowhere near as bad as your mark.

tampawake 07-06-2010 2:19 PM

Had the same thing happen to a friend with a CC sante. He took bleach put bleach only on the effected area then put plastic wrap over it so the bleach would go nowhere else. Put it in the sun for an hour and gone.

spencerwm 07-06-2010 11:33 PM

I had the issue this morning. I used a soft scrub brush and Franks. After some scrubbing the red streaks came right off. I am pretty sure they came from my wife's O'Neill vest but I guess it could have been my vest. Who knows? Doesn't matter cause it's gone now.


justsan 07-07-2010 9:11 AM

Had a similiar situation with a Blue O'Neill vest.
Used Malco cleaner with a brush, then water, and after normal use for the next couple of weeks the Sun took to rest of the stain out.
Like others have said, the sun will do wonders if you don't spray any protectant on it (ie. 303).
Good luck.

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