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flattirenotube 07-03-2010 8:43 AM

Brostock Sunglasses and Hat
I was wondering if there is anyone that is going to Brostock that would be willing to pick up and ship me the limited edition hat and sunglasses from Brostock. I could pay you via paypal or something like that. I was going to go this year but they moved it from Powell. I really appreciate any help, send me a PM if you want. Much thanks.

wakerider111 07-03-2010 11:51 PM

hopefully people won't raid the prizes like last year. some people missed out that actually went

lseghatch 07-04-2010 2:56 AM

Id be willing to shell out some cash for the spy glasses, they look sick. I'll pay shipping and extra.

wakeboardertj 07-04-2010 9:11 AM

Same here, I want those glasses!

flattirenotube 07-04-2010 10:29 AM

If they are free they I would understand not picking some up, but I thought that you probably had to purchase them, in which case I would still be willing to pay someone to get them for me.

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