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mdaijogo 07-02-2010 4:02 PM

Perko switch setting while boating
First my setup:

2 batteries connected via perko.
1 800w amp

What I have been doing this year is setting the perko to 1 and using that battery for the whole day. Then the next time I go out, I use battery 2.

My dealer recommended that I use the "all" setting when underway and when I am stopped and just listening to tunes with the family that I use setting "1" or "2" so that I have a backup in case a battery is depleted.

What do you guys/gals do?


you_da_man 07-02-2010 4:40 PM

I have 3 Deka batteries. Obviously 2 are dedicated for the stereo. I also use a Perko and when running the boat the switch is on "all". When sitting and listening to the stereo the switch is on "2" which is the stereo batteries. I have a Promariner dual bank charger onboard so when I'm done for the day I just plug into the charger at my boat storage.

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