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wazzy 07-02-2010 11:06 AM

Sanyo Waterproof Camcorder??

Has anybody ever used it/owned it? Pros/cons?

I am not looking to be a professional, but since we are looking into getting a video camera, I thought I would check for a waterproof one.

Other suggestions?

sideswipeproductions 07-03-2010 5:17 AM

My mate has one of those, they're actually a pretty tidy little piece of equipment.

Scope out a few of the videos he's thrown together, theres a mixture of riding and lifestyle stuff:


blindgoose 08-07-2010 4:59 AM

I had one that water got in. Beware!

hawkeye7708 10-20-2010 9:10 PM

Buddy has one, it's a pretty nice piece of equiptment. Wouldn't use it for underwater exploration, but it's nice for when it may get splashed or get water on it. Versatile piece.

Toysrme 10-25-2010 5:41 PM

Specced up even higher, my mate bought a Sanyo Xacti VPC-102 off Amazon.

+ Class 6 SD card
It's waterproof. Did fine diving in Cozumel in what was no doubt a little more than the 10' rating.

*The dual zoom range is insane. Reaches out much farther than an APS sized DSLR + 200mm lens.
*Image stabilization is fairly poor
*Buttons take finesse to use. To be expected with a waterproof device. This WILL NOT be a problem to an owner or user. It mainly troubles the random person you pass it off too.
*No burst mode

720p @ 60fps. Looks amazing for a non DSLR type video. You could easily make a Demo tape with this. Apply a little post-production image stabilization & resize it back up. It'll be great!
Skip 1080i video ENTIRELY. Youll never be able to deinterlace it to 1080p & have it look worth anything.
Pictures look OK.

Facebook isn't very good with video. Poor codec & bitrates.

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