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john211 07-01-2010 7:13 PM

Help please. Cable. 2nd corner.
I was riding today at KC watersports. I have difficulty riding around the 2nd corner.

The park winds CCW. For a right-foot forward rider, that means the rider rides around the corners on heelside. I'm told that it should be easy then. But no, not to date.

What are some of your all lines and tactics to get around rather effortlessly past the 2nd corner?

I'm whipping through it at the speed of sound ... or sound of fall.

Anybody? Diagrams? or youtube links?

cwb4me 07-01-2010 7:23 PM

they usually have bouys you ride through at the parks. also the cable operators usually help you with the line if you are new. did you ask them for help?

snoopy1173 07-01-2010 7:51 PM

make sure your in the middle of the bouys and as the carrier clicks through the corner, edge on your toeside just a little bit, dont cut really sharp but just gradually edge . Turn as it turns.

cheesydog 07-01-2010 7:52 PM

there is a sweet spot at every corner, the buoys are just a guide. Basically you need to preempt the turn, start turning before the carriers clicks around this will stop you from getting pulled over. Also remember the more inside the like you are the more slack, the more outside you are the more the line will be tight. Keep the handle in tight and stay on edge though the turn. You'll have it in no time at all.

ttrigo 07-01-2010 10:51 PM

haha. my first and only time riding cable was at KCW. I took that second turn riding regular, and ended up on my ear, faster than I had ever before. I thought my day was over before I even took a lap. I just ended up riding switch around that corner every time after. was only there for a few hours, and I did not want to get hurt trying to make it regular. good luck.

Kane 07-02-2010 4:02 AM

Hey, When riding in Prince's in London, which is also CCW, I ride goofy (right foot forward) which is switch for me, but there are 2 90 degree corners.

As the everyone said above before look for the bouys at the corner, about 10ft before the bouys I take a gentle cut out on my heels and try to pass through the bouys, pretty close to the outer bouy.
Watch the carrier, before it rounds the corner, I would slowly let the handle away from my hips, as the carrier rounds the corner I begin to pull it back into my hip, this allows me to cheat and minimise any drop in line tension. It's the drop in line tension and the sudden catch that whips you.
After a day or so you should be more confident and better able to handle the corners and be able to get around while keeping the handle in at your hips.

Hope that help

fly135 07-02-2010 8:41 AM

Work on your posture. Keep your back straight, elbows to your side, and don't break at the waist. Stay balanced over the board and when the rope pulls tight don't break at the waist. You will get more leverage against the cable if your rear leg (knee) is bend more than your forward leg when rounding the corner. It really isn't that hard riding goofy and if you are having problems it's because you have a poor stance.

Mark is right about the sweet spot so pay attention to that. There's almost no jerk at the sweet spot.

john211 07-03-2010 3:54 PM

Thanks everyone.

My heart has not been in cable ... and ... no surprise ... I have not been a lucky amateur.

Only now can I launch comfortably (side slide at 45 degrees, which was only figured out after 2 or 3 half-hearted 2 hour sessions).

Mark ... are you the guy that rides tandem with Daniel Grant and films him? How do tandem riders handle corners if there is only one ‘sweet spot.’ No doubt skilled riders can ride about any track around 2 successive 90 degree corners. But what do you guys think when there are the both of you?

John Anderson ... thanks ... I am closer to your age than likely anybody else’s. It’s so discouraging to be such a flop so publicly.

Train ... I remember relating to you a love-hate relationship with cable.

Funny, certain persons I talked to there think that riding behind a boat is harder than cable.


Recent success stories suggest that the transition from cable to wake is easier than vice versa.

Videos anybody? Overhead or high perspective shots?

And Jon Doe ... thank you too ... I wish I were John Doe at cable.

otown_dave 07-03-2010 5:26 PM

Sometimes the Buoys are not where they should be. I know a O-Dub you have to wait some on the beginner side, if you turn at the buoys on 4 & 5you get slammed. Stay out wide & turn when you hear the carrier "click"

fly135 07-03-2010 5:43 PM

Jonathan, when you get the hang of it you don't need to hit the sweet spot. You'll learn to anticipate the jerk. If you think it's hard on a wakeboard you should try a slalom ski. The first time I hit the 90 degree last corner at OWC on a slalom ski, I literally flew headfirst out of my boots at 30+ mph.

I don't know what cable you're riding, but at OWC there are lots of beginners riding the large cable. There is no reason to be embarrassed because lots of people are learning and trying to figure it out.

I rode the boat first starting in the mid 90's and started riding the cable around 2000. I didn't find it difficult to pick it up. I went to OWC to ride behind the boat because they were having a local tournament and I needed to get the hang of their boat and lake to be in it.

They also offered half price on an all day ticket for the cable so I gave it a try. The first day at the cable I was trying to figure out how you got air and kept jumping right when the cable rounded the corner. I didn't get any air but the next day I could barely get out of bed. And that was back when I was riding the boat nearly every day.

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