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tommyg 07-01-2010 2:42 PM

recommendations for launching at Berryessa this weekend?
We don't get up there very often, but will be launching there this coming Monday. I just remember a few 4th's ago, we launched at Capell Cove. Nice that it was free, but just one lane and the level of stupidity was off the charts. After waiting for 45 minutes for some dummies to finally get their jet ski's loaded, I realized I'd rather pay a launch fee if I can get in and out at least somewhat quickly.

I know Markley Cove is probably a little better, but is the Steele Park launch ramp open now? I know there's been a management change with all of the resorts and lots of other changes, but appreciate any guidance towards making this a less stressful day on the water.


thescott 07-01-2010 3:36 PM

Some company finally got the consession contract and is reopening (or has reopened) a bunch of the resorts that had been closed down the past couple years.
Check here-

Good luck out there - be safe. I'd imagine that place would be a nut house on a holiday weekend.

l1spoogy 07-01-2010 4:47 PM

There are 4 launches open not counting the free launch. Below are their "Old" Names and what I believe is the launch fee. There is absolutely no place to eat on the lake. Only Markley and Pleasure have gas and small stores.
The earlier you can get up there the better you will be. We usually come up through winters and go by Markley because the ramp is always crowded and parking fills up fast. If you don't get to Markley by 10am on normal weekends you may not be able to launch or park.

Pleasure is a bit better and is where we have been going lately. Again an early arrival is key.

Markley Cove - $25
Pleasure Cove $26.25
Steele Park $25
Putah Creek $25

tommyg 07-02-2010 6:26 AM

Thanks guys. Will probably shoot for Pleasure Cove unless we can get on the road really early.

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